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Open Intelligence for eCommerce

Enter the Intelligent Era in eCommerce – Where eCommerce Is Smarter
Open Intelligence for eCommerce
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the online shopping experience. Chatbots and intelligent product recommendations drive sales while personalization and workflow automation improve front and backend experiences for customers and users.

Oro’s digital commerce products drive online innovation with their flexible architecture that integrates with AI and Machine Learning solutions. On top of that, they have the native workflow eCommerce automation engine for ultimate customization and provide powerful personalization and segmentation capabilities.

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Discover How Oro’s Open Intelligence Makes eCommerce Smarter

Oro’s open-source approach to code makes integrating with your AI solutions easier than proprietary SaaS options. Use Oro applications to:

  • analyze data
  • perform repetitive tasks
  • generate reports and notifications
  • create product recommendations
  • create guided selling experiences

Key Benefits of Integration of AI with eCommerce

  1. Personalization

    Use personalization to create superior customer experiences.

    Improve search for each customer. Simplify the B2B buying experience by narrowing broad search results to those relevant to the customer.

    Inform product recommendations. Use purchase history and behavior to provide better product recommendations.

    Use personalization to create superior customer experiences.
  2. Sentiment Analysis

    Understand what your customer is thinking to serve them better.

    • Assist customers with product selection. Integrate your eCommerce with NLP and help customers sift through product reviews to find the ones most relevant to them.
    • Improve customer service. Create chatbots that know when to respond and when to forward to a live operator. Diffuse potentially unhappy customers with prompt, live service.
    Sentiment Analysis
  3. Predictive Analytics

    Data and algorithms come together to provide insight into the future

    • Improve product selection and pricing. Leverage data to determine what new products will be successful and what prices drive the most profit.
    • Better supply chain management. Predict sales trends before they occur so you never get caught out-of-stock or overstocked. Use data models to analyze buying patterns instead of relying on historical sales records and identify both risks and opportunities.
    Predictive Analytics

Implementing AI and ML with eCommerce Effortlessly

All Oro applications are built on open source technology so you are never locked into a single vendor solution. Use the JSON API to integrate with your business intelligence systems or write your own connectors. OroCommerce and OroMarketplace use an efficient data storage method to speed processing times. Use AI tools and ML to generate audience-specific experiences, anticipate customer needs, and deliver a better, smarter customer experience across all channels. OroCommerce and OroMarketplace integrate with your technology to make it happen.

Native Automation and Personalization

OroCommerce and OroMarketplace provide tools to automate processes and workflows, infinitely segment by any data point, control product visibility, and implement complex pricing rules all with an API that’s ready for integration.

Automated workflows

Conform your eCommerce processes to the way you do business, not your eCommerce solution. From custom checkout workflows to back-office processes, employees work smarter and more efficiently when repetitive tasks are automated.

Automatically sync integrated systems, respond to requests for quotes, and convert quotes to sales orders and then invoices. Sales, accounting, customer service, and warehouse employees benefit from automated workflows.

Dynamic pricing engine

Don’t lose dollars on contracts that are priced incorrectly. Oro’s powerful pricing engine handles even the most complex pricing structures. Easily set up flexible product prices for different websites, customer groups, and customers. Combine intelligent pricing with automated workflows and turn around quotes in seconds, not days.

Granular visibility control

Determine what products are displayed down to the customer level. Control visibility sitewide, combine visibility with segmentation to display to defined groups, or even transfer the visibility settings from other configurable options. Oro products put you in complete control to better personalize customer experiences.

Strong segmentation engine

There’s no limit to the degree of personalization you can achieve with Oro’s eCommerce products. Get as granular as the customer or segment geographic regions, verticals, or by purchasing habits. Effectively personalize marketing campaigns, upsell and cross-sell suggestions, push notifications, and product recommendations. Create individual customer journeys for better conversions.

Powerful API

Quickly implement additional functionality. Eliminate data silos and improve connectivity while reducing friction between applications. Front and backend users benefit from integrated systems and applications.

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