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B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Get to Market Faster

Compared to other B2B eCommerce platforms in the market, OroCommerce enables companies to take their business online at a lower cost of ownership and faster time to market. Because all B2B features – like managing multiple price lists and personalizing product catalogs – are offered out-of-the-box, this reduces project complexity resulting in fewer development hours and faster completion timeframes.

In addition, our customers can leverage the power of our vibrant community for common extensions and frequently asked questions.

B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison

B2B eCommerce Platform Comparison*

HYBRIS Oracle / ATG WebSphere Magento
License cost $45k-$250k $200k + $200k – $1M $1M +
Compare OroCommerce to Magento Compare
Time to Market 4-6 months 7-9 months 12-48 months 9-12 months
Average Implementation Cost $250k $2M $1M – $6M $1M
Access to robust innovative community Yes No No No
Compare OroCommerce to Magento

Features Highlight

Streamline the Buyer-Seller Interaction

Simplify the creation and management of order forms, purchase order management, RFQs, and more for your customers and sales team.

Manage Corporate Accounts

Easily navigate and manage corporate accounts for all your customers regardless of having buyers from different teams, departments, offices, or branches.

Create a Flexible Workflow Engine

Our B2B eCommerce platform allows you to create any workflow to customize both buyer and seller-related processes, like the checkout experience or order submission process.

Customize Multiple Price Lists and Catalogs

Personalize and manage product catalogs and price lists to specific corporations, divisions, business units, or even individual customers.

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