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Getting Offline Customers to Purchase Online: A Guide to Website Adoption

Your website is ready to go live. Now what? This guide takes you through the process of getting existing customers to buy online.
The B2B Ecommerce Customer Adoption Guide
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Who should read this guide?

Whether you’re implementing eCommerce for the first time or have offline customers reluctant to buy online, this guide will help you get offline customers to buy online.

This Guide to Customer Adoption in B2B eCommerce is helpful for:

  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
  • eCommerce Managers
  • Marketing Executives and Directors
  • Business Development and Sales Executives

Why Do You Need to Move B2B Sales Online?

Two-thirds of corporate customers intentionally reach for digital or remote in-person engagement when given a choice. In all, e-commerce has surpassed in-person as the single most effective channel.

McKinsey Company

What Is Included in the Guide?

The guide takes you through the steps to successful customer adoption. We cover strategizing, implementing, incentivizing, and monitoring. You’ll also get sample strategies from real companies that have already moved their offline customers online.

The Difference Between Adoption and Acquisition

Do you know the difference between customer acquisition and customer adoption? The workflows require two different strategies.

Preparing Customers for Change

Customer adoption starts with creating a desire for change. Learn how to identify internal change ambassadors, how to make the case for change internally and externally, and the resources you’ll need to gather before you start.

Using Incentives Effectively

Both customers and sales representatives will respond positively to incentives. Discover creative ways to incentivize customers to buy online and how to incentivize your sales force to support them.

Change Management

Every technology change requires careful management. Find out the best practices for overcoming resistance to change.

Assessing Results

What should you measure and what do the KPIs mean? Find out how to evaluate your customer adoption results.

Customer Adoption Success Stories

See how three very different companies approached customer adoption to great results.

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