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Oro Wins Most Innovative Product of the Year

Download this report to see why Frost & Sullivan awarded OroCommerce the Most Innovative Product of the Year.
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Who should download this report?

For long-term success and sustainable growth, all businesses require constant innovation. This means adopting new strategies and innovative technologies that can offer a positive impact to customers.

Oro’s B2B eCommerce product, OroCommerce, gives companies an innovative way to transform their business. This report details why B2B companies need to start thinking about eCommerce and why OroCommerce is the right solution for any B2B eCommerce need.

This research is perfect for:

  • B2B companies including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and brands
  • Web Development Agencies with a B2B focus
  • B2B commerce consultants
  • Software developers for B2B applications

Why should you download this report?

Since 2000, Frost & Sullivan has been conducting their independent research to identify the true leaders in technology and innovation. This paper provides valuable insights into the B2B eCommerce market where you can learn:

Industry Challenges and Predictions

Find out what hampers and accelerates eCommerce for B2B companies and what to expect from the market in the nearest future.

Steps and Criteria of the Innovation Research

Follow the key benchmarking criteria Frost and Sullivan used to evaluate OroCommerce and other competing vendors.

OroCommerce's Innovative Product Attributes

Get a glimpse into what features impressed Frost & Sullivan analysts and positioned OroCommerce the award winner.

New Product Innovation Scorecard

Learn how OroCommerce’s product attributes and customer impact compared to other competitors.

Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that the complete, open-sourced OroCommerce solution features the capabilities and complex integrations that a B2B organization truly needs to succeed.

Frost & Sullivan

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