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OroCommerce Overcomes B2B Commerce Complexity with a Future-Proof

B2B eCommerce Platform

OroCommerce is an Enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce platform built with a comprehensive set
of B2B features ready for any B2B commerce model.

Expand Your Business B2B Online Store

Expand Your Business
with a B2B Online Store

Expand your business into new markets with an online and mobile presence. Digitize your product catalog and enable online ordering with a platform that supports both headless commerce and traditional eCommerce.

Get eCommerce and CRM

Get eCommerce and CRM. All-in-One

Our built-in CRM helps you organize sales pipelines, improve vendor management, and determine marketing and sales projections for your business. Arm your Sales, Marketing, Support, Procurement and eCommerce teams with the information they need.

One Platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X

One Platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X

Address all B2B, B2C, and B2X (B2B2B, B2B2C, etc.) scenarios in a single platform. Support any business-to-business eCommerce model from Self-Service websites and Quote-to-Order portals to B2B Marketplaces with a scalable and flexible platform.

Open Source Philosophy Vibrant Community

Open Source Philosophy
with a Vibrant Community

Our open-source approach and vibrant community of developers offer complete code transparency, greater product reliability, and tested security advantages regardless if you're looking to deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

From B2B Store B2B Marketplace

From B2B Store to
B2B Marketplace

Take advantage of our multi-vendor marketplace features for both B2B buyers and vendors. Grow from a B2B store to a B2B marketplace without disrupting your operations.

Keep Your eCommerce ERP in Sync

Keep Your eCommerce
and ERP in Sync

Connect into any ERP system and fully digitize your supply chain. Coordinate your online store with your business operations and automate inventory management, order management, pricing calculations, and shipping logistics.

B2B eCommerce Platform for
Midmarket and Enterprise Companies

B2B eCommerce is all about providing a consistent, relevant, and personalized buying experience. Whether your business is new to eCommerce or you need to upgrade your current B2B webstore, OroCommerce is built for mid-market and enterprise B2B companies. Create your self-service eCommerce website, B2B marketplace, customer portal, or wholesale portal using our flexible platform in the cloud or on-premise.

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B2B eCommerce Features Ready to Go

Selling to businesses is vastly different than selling to consumers. This means the features and capabilities needed to support a B2B online buyer is vastly different as well. As a purpose-built B2B eCommerce platform, OroCommerce offers out-of-the-box eCommerce marketplace features such as managing corporate accounts, displaying unique price books, showcasing buyer-specific catalogs, supporting Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) processes, creating custom workflows, and many more B2B capabilities.

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Our initial focus on B2B eCommerce also makes OroCommerce a much leaner solution compared to typical eCommerce platforms. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership for B2B companies. Because all B2B features are offered out-of-the-box, projects are simplified resulting in fewer development hours and faster completion timeframes. As a B2B company, you get a B2B-specific solution that lowers your total cost of ownership and offers a faster return on investment.

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Extensibility for Future Growth

It’s inevitable that your company will purchase new software, require new functionality, and implement new processes. This means selecting an extensible solution will be critical. OroCommerce offers robust API coverage, an expansive extensions marketplace, and a customization-ready platform to ensure our platform grows with your business.

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