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Workflow Automation Engine and Its Impact on B2B eCommerce Digital Transformation

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about automated workflows, how they benefit your business, and why flexible workflows are essential for B2B digital transformation.
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Workflow Automation Engine and Its Impact on B2B eCommerce Digital Transformation
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Who is this guide for?

Looking to automate your manual business processes for the first time or taking them to the next level? This eCommerce workflow automation guide gives an in-depth look into building a future-proof workflow management plan with the use of flexible technology that grows as your business evolves.

This guide will be helpful for:

  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
  • Business Development and Sales Executives
  • eCommerce and B2B Marketplace Managers
  • Marketing Executives and Directors

Why download this guide?

For online B2B businesses or marketplace management operators, flexible B2B eCommerce workflows are a powerful way to help increase productivity and profit. By automating routine business tasks, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention, improve the effectiveness of your sales and customer-facing teams, and provide better focus to non-routine and unique situations as they arise. We’ll also cover the following key topics:

The Benefits of Workflows

Learn how to digitize manual workflows to free up your sales team to do what they do best- interact with others to acquire new accounts and further develop relationships with existing customers for higher customer retention.

A Platform for Future Growth

Change in business is inevitable. The workflows that you use today may not be relevant a year from now, but having a platform flexible enough to grow with you is key.

Custom Checkout Workflows

With a flexible workflow engine, you can A/B test different checkout workflows to determine which one converts best for your business.

Maximizing Productivity

Keep leads and opportunities from falling through the cracks, respond to request for quotes, and free your time to focus on better serving your customers.

Optimize Back Office Workflows

Manage your inventories, production schedules, and process returns with workflows and integrated eCommerce automation platform that can help manage your internal operations.

Real-Life Customer Examples

Learn how a manufacturing company and a distribution company used custom workflows to optimize their sales team and provide innovative shipping solutions for their customers.

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