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B2B Replatforming Whitepaper

This guide covers all the stages of the B2B eCommerce replatforming process: starting from identifying whether replatforming is necessary to the actual plan of action and best practices for your migration and post-migration stages.
Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Replatforming
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Who is this guide for?

The decision to replatform is one of the most difficult ones taken by an eCommerce B2B business. With thousands of product pages, SEO data, and customers’ buying experiences that stand to be affected, it’s important to approach the task of B2B replatforming with caution and preparation.

It is not uncommon that people who drive change in the company face reluctance to implement changes that have wide-reaching implications. This guide will help your team members collectively understand the benefits and opportunities unlocked by change and see through a successful replatforming of your eCommerce business. It will also share the B2B commerce migration roadmap and examples of successful replatforming projects that you can learn from.

This B2B eCommerce replatforming paper is a must-read for manufacturers and distributors in the following roles:

  • Online Channel/eCommerce Managers and Performance Leaders
  • Chief Marketing Officers, and Directors
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents

Why download this guide?

Regardless of how stable or constant your growth trajectory is, or however tough the circumstances, there is always the possibility of change being right around the corner. What was the state of the art today will be obsolete tomorrow. As technology and business models evolve, modern sellers must evolve with them. In the digital age, B2B eCommerce companies need to be nimble and resilient to overcome market limitations and ensure business growth.

This eCommerce replatforming guide will help businesses facing the challenge of eCommerce B2B platform migration strategize, plan, test, and successfully execute their B2B replatforming project.

Identify the signs that eCommerce migration is necessary

The warning flags that you've outgrown your software might not always be apparent (and even if they are, migration is not always the answer). We'll tell you what to look for and if it’s time for a B2B replatform project.

Overcome the fear of migration and sell the idea in your company

Because there are so many ways a platform migration can go wrong, it’s a project that is more feared than embraced. We will break down those fears and address them one by one and showcase what improvements your organization can achieve through replatforming.

Properly assess and select your new B2B eCommerce platform

Get a ready-made RFP template to help you organize all your functional, technical, and financial requirements and narrow down the desirable features to make an informed investment decision when considering eCommerce software options.

Plan your migration process with SEO in mind

Losing SEO rankings is one of the major replatforming fears. The guide includes a comprehensive plan of action to preserve the rankings and data you currently have and avoid creating new issues that can have a negative impact on them.

Ensure smooth development and implementation of your new platform

Learn development best practices and gain the necessary insights you need to execute your migration plan smoothly and have a secure fallback strategy in case anything goes wrong.

What to expect and how to assess your post-replatforming results

Now that the new site is up and running, it’s not quite the time to sit back and relax. We will look at what metrics, indicators, and trends need careful monitoring so you can detect any developments positive or negative as soon as they surface.

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