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hero-Oro Makes Cloud Deployment and Maintenance Faster

Developers' Digest

Oro Makes Cloud Deployment and Maintenance Faster

By combining continuous deployment and containerization, Oro further accelerates the feedback loop for OroCloud applications.

Unleash the potential of B2B headless commerce

Developers' Digest

Unleash the potential of B2B headless commerce with OroCommerce and Hycom Composable Frontend

Discover how combining OroCommerce as the backend solution with Hycom's frontend platform enables a powerful B2B eCommerce experience.

Meet Oro at the Paris Retail Week 2023

B2B eCommerce

Meet Oro at the Paris Retail Week from September 19 to 21, 2023

We look forward to seeing you at Paris Retail Week, Porte de Versailles, from September 19 to 21, 2023. Paris Retail Week is Europe's biggest event for the entire retail ecosystem.

Introducing Oro DevBox

Developers' Digest

Introducing Oro DevBox: The Pre-Built Cloud-Based Workstation for Oro Developers

DevBox allows developers to quickly access a preconfigured and optimized Oro applications environment with all the tools and resources they need to write code.


B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce Security: Risks, Measures, and Solutions

What is B2B eCommerce security, and why is it essential to any e-seller? We explore the trends, threats, risk areas, and strategies to secure your business.

A How-to Guide to Digital Industrial Transformation

B2B eCommerce

Digital Transformation Implementation Guide

Learn more about the pros and cons of digital transformation, and also discover steps to implement a digital industrial transformation for your company.

B2B Workflow Automation in eCommerce Ideas and Examples

B2B eCommerce

B2B Workflow Automation in eCommerce: Ideas and Examples

What is workflow automation in eCommerce? Explore essential ways and examples of how to automate your B2B eCommerce processes and workflows.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing 6 Strategies to Follow

B2B eCommerce

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing: 6 Strategies to Follow

Read our complete guide on internet marketing for manufacturers with real-life examples to help you craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


B2B eCommerce

New 2023 B2B Buyer Report: What Do Buyers Expect from B2B Marketplaces?

The B2B Marketplace is quickly becoming the go-to destination for buyers. But are B2B buyers satisfied with their purchasing experiences? We surveyed procurement leaders and purchasing managers over the United States and Canada to find out.

OroCommerce Blog

Our B2B eCommerce blog comprises posts on a wide range of topics any B2B eCommerce market player will find useful. We share only latest industry news, highlight most innovative technologies and proven B2B best practices, and announce high-profile events orchestrating the B2B eCommerce space. Our experts provide actionable marketing advice to help you fuel up your business evolvement. To introduce OroCommerce, the first genuine B2B platform, and educate our customers on its extensive set of features, we offer guided tutorials,functionality overviews, and latest product advancements. Subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market.

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