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Alexa Meets OroCommerce: Use Alexa Connector by Agence Dn’D to Fetch OroCommerce Data

August 9, 2017 | Oro Team

OroCommerce lives on the cutting edge of technology. So do our partners. Together we bring OroCommerce users the latest in tech breakthroughs. We’re excited that one of our partners has introduced Alexa to OroCommerce.  

Alexa Echo Dot

Agence Dn’D, Oro’s first Silver partner in France, has made OroCommerce even more interactive while adding a touch of fun to the business environment.

Agence Dn’D has developed a custom open-source connector for Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot.  That means it’s now possible to use voice controls for OroCommerce. The same Alexa that you use at home to play music, make calls, send messages, and perform online tasks can now be used at the office.

Alexa OroCommerce API Connector

The Alexa OroCommerce API Connector was unveiled at OroVibe earlier this summer. It perfectly couples Alexa Echo Dot with the OroCommerce back-office. Use this smart tool and the power of your own voice to instantly retrieve diverse application data from OroCommerce.

Launch the connector and you will be able to:

  • Inquire about the revenue generated on a specific date in a specific webstore;
  • Identify bestselling items on a specific date in a given store;
  • Access average customer basket data over a specified period;
  • Obtain latest quotes and monitor pending orders;
  • Run daily reports;
  • Receive voice alerts for new sales in real time mode;
  • Know instantly when goods are out of stock and much more.

Sounds impressive but does it work? Watch this brief demo of Yoav Kutner, Oro CEO, showing the synergy of Alexa and OroCommerce in action.

The Alexa OroCommerce API Connector is compatible with OroCommerce 1.0 and can be installed via Composer.

Got questions? Contact Agence Dn’D for more information on the Alexa OroCommerce API Connector.  The open source code is available over at Github and Packagist.

Many thanks to Agence Dn’D for creating this cool tool and making the futuristic technology of tomorrow available today.

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