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Oro Introduces OroCommerce

April 8, 2015 | Oro Team

Today we are pleased to announce a new product in the Oro Suite of products, OroCommerce. As we introduce this product we would like to share it’s genesis. For the past two years at OroCRM we have worked with businesses of all sizes, assisting them in improving their customer experience. As we have worked particularly with B2B without significant customization and cost.

Combining our extensive history in eCommerce technology, our founding and senior leadership team all helped lead Magento, and the extensive work we have done in creating a CRM for Commerce, we knew we were at a unique crossroads to solve this problem. We knew what we needed to do – create an Open Source, flexible, highly functional B2B-centric commerce application that gave B2B operations a competitive advantage selling online. From these ideas, OroCommerce was born.

OroCommerce will focus on being an open source best-in-class commerce platform, with tools specifically for the B2B online sales market. These B2B-specific tools will include support for multiple price lists, a simple yet customizable quote to order process, quick order forms, multi-business support, and corporate customer account management. We combine these B2B-centric features with personalization, localization to multiple countries, currencies, and languages, intelligent marketing tools, and a powerful reporting and segmentation engine. From there, a significant competitive advantage begins to appear.

This product announcement furthers our vision of creating a suite of business applications that responds to the needs of mid-size and large companies. OroCommerce customers will benefit from the option to use OroCRM as their fully-integrated CRM to create a more full customer experience. Current and future OroCRM customers will also have the option to use a pre-integrated Commerce application that fills their B2B online sales needs. We will continue our aggressive growth plans demonstrated in our OroCRM roadmap. We invite the Oro Community to follow the progress of OroCommerce and join us as we create the world’s first and best Open Source B2B Commerce Platform.

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