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OroCommerce – (ANet) СIM and eCheck integration

March 26, 2019 | Oro Team

We are excited to announce new features for our OroCommerce-Authorize.Net extension, which is available for free on our OroCommerce marketplace. New features for the extension include:

  • Credit card payment with the ability to create payment profiles
  • eCheck payment
  • Customer profile management

ANet CIM and eCheck modules overview

ANet CIM is the Customer Information Management module of ANet, which simplifies the checkout process for your registered customers. ANet CIM enables online buyers to save their payment profiles (credit cards or eChecks) and then make payments using their saved profile.

ANet CIM can be enabled in the integration settings of OroCommerce (System > Integrations). The following general configuration settings are available:

  • Add integration and enable/disable specific payment methods
  • Update integration details (API key, user name, login, etc.)
  • Enable/disable test mode for the integration verification

Also, eCheck is now available together with Credit Card as a payment option during the checkout process. The eCheck option can be enabled in the integration settings and – as long as CIM is enabled – it will allow customers to create and manage their eCheck payment profiles. eCheck transactions are placed with the “Authorize and Charge” payment action. CIM integration

Managing Payment Profiles

Once ANet CIM is enabled, the new “Manage payment profiles” section is added under “My Account”. Both Credit Card and eCheck profiles can be added, updated or removed there.

On the checkout, registered customers have an option to save payment data for later use. If the corresponding checkbox is selected, a new payment profile is created in Authorize.Net and becomes available for future payments.

Sensitive payment data (credit card number, cvv, eCheck account number etc.) is neither passed nor stored in the OroCommerce application. Furthermore, sensitive payment data is securely transferred to Authorize.Net using Accept.js.

OroCommerce Integration

Customer Profile Management

OroCommerce saves customer profile and available payment information together with the customer entity and associated order entity. The customer can update his customer profile details in the My Account section.

Extension Customization Example: Invoice Payment and Custom Amount Payment

You can also customize the OroCommerce-Authorize.Net extension to address your specific needs. In one such example, a customer can now submit payments for a given invoice or custom amount. In addition, a customer’s credit (refunded amount) can be deducted from the paid amount. He can use CIM CC or eCheck for the payment data. CIM customization

To get the OroCommerce-Authorize.Net extension, visit our marketplace.

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