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Developers’ Digest

Oro Tech Talks Ep.5: Leveling Up Your Productivity in OroCommerce

Episode 5 of Oro Tech Talks is all about keeping developers at the top of their game. The best part? We're introducing a new, ground-breaking OroMakerBundle – a tool that will increase your productivity tenfold.


Developers’ Digest

Oro Tech Talks Episode 4: Getting Started with Oro

For Episode 4 of Oro Tech Talks, we introduce developers to working on the Oro platform. We start with the Oro environment, basic concepts, and best practices for building Oro applications.


Developers’ Digest

Oro Tech Talks Episode 3: Advanced Search with Elasticsearch

In the third episode of Oro Tech Talks, we'll talk about Elasticsearch and its ability to deliver memorable search experiences. Join us and other developers as our trainer explores search capabilities in an interactive setting.


Developers’ Digest

Oro Tech Talks Ep.2: Headless eCommerce and OroCommerce

In the second episode of Oro Tech Talks, we're uncovering headless eCommerce. What does it mean for developers and is it the best path forward? Join us and other developers as our trainer lays out the advantages of headless in eCommerce and showcases practical uses of this approach live.


Developers’ Digest

Oro Tech Talks Premiere: OroCommerce Upgrade Process and Tech Stack Changes in 5.0

Oro Tech Talks is an interactive webinar for developers and technical teams. Connect with like-minded individuals, brush up on concepts, gain new knowledge, and share best practices.

go live without a hitch

Developers’ Digest

How to Go-Live Without a Hitch: Sample eCommerce Go-Live Checklist from Oro

Longing for a smooth and painless launch? On a wild-goose chase to get there? Oro's development team compiled a go-live checklist to ensure your next deployment goes without a hitch.

free online technical courses

Developers’ Digest

Limited Time Offer From Oro: Free Online Technical Courses

Limited-time free access to live online technical courses from OroCommerce: Sign up and learn from home with Oro Fundamentals and OroCommerce for Tech Teams.


Developers’ Digest

Auto Testing OroCommerce-Based Application Behavior with Behat

Learn how we use Behat to streamline autotesting of OroCommerce features and how you can use this framework to test your own custom features

orocommerce august maintenance releases recap

Developers’ Digest

OroCommerce Maintenance Releases Recap for August 2018

Developers’ Digest

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