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New Feature: Shopping List Items Copy

September 18, 2019 | Oro Team

Today we’re introducing a new feature for OroCommerce that gives  buyers the option to quickly copy selected items from a current shopping list to a new shopping list.

While looking through an existing shopping list, you can select either a single item or multiple and move them to a new or existing shopping list using our Shopping List Items Copy extension. This saves times for users who frequently purchase the same products on a recurring basis or allows buyers to purchase selected items now and save the remaining list for later. The copied items from the original shopping list will remain in the list until they are manually removed.

If you have buyers who purchase the same products, then they can use this feature to essentially build a replenishment list (or a favorites list), then quickly copy only the items they need for a faster, more convenient shopping experience. Or if buyers exceed their budget, they can copy items to a new list in order to meet their approved budget, without losing other items selected.


Shopping list items copy

Attention: Please note that the Shopping List Items Copy extension is only available for select customers. To learn more, you can contact your support representative or fill out our inquiry form here.

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