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Crefopay Launches New Partnership with OroCommerce

December 13, 2018 | Brandon Kim

The Oro team is excited to announce CrefoPay has been added as a new technology partner!

CrefoPay is Creditreform Group’s specialized omnichannel retail payment processing provider that focuses on risk management and payment collections. Founded in 1879, their goal was to help small to medium sized businesses stay in the market by protecting them against debt and fraud. With over 130 years of experience, they have become an industry expert in payment management.

Now, they have an impressive portfolio of over 125,000 customers, including leading corporations from various industries. CrefoPay conveniently combines all steps involved within the payment process: risk evaluation, payment processing and; monitoring, and collections of overdue receivables. Customers can take advantage of a single payment platform for all their business transactions for secure and reliable payments.

Oro believes that the partnership with CrefoPay will combine two B2B industry leaders to create impactful customer-focused solutions and master the challenges of digitalization. We believe this integrated solution will further enhance the buyer experience.

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