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Epicor Prophet 21 eCommerce Solution with OroCommerce

May 23, 2019 | Oro Team

Integration between an ERP and an eCommerce system is critical for any company selling online. It maximizes operational efficiencies as well as ensures accurate data representation on your online storefront. That’s why OroCommerce continues to expand its ERP extensions to provide our clients with a variety of integration options for their business backend. Today we are glad to announce an integration for Epicor Prophet 21, which is available by request on our marketplace. OroCommerce takes Prophet 21 eCommerce capabilities to a whole new level and enables distributors to have two best-of-breed systems, distribution management ERP and B2B eCommerce, in one bundle.

About Epicor Prophet 21

Epicor Prophet 21 is a popular ERP solution targeted specifically for wholesale distributors. It helps companies in the wholesale distribution industry to consolidate their operations in supply chain management, accounting, inventory, business intelligence, customer support, and documentation management. For that purpose, it comes with multiple modules that can be adapted to fit the needs of a specific company.

The Prophet 21 system is optimized specifically for the Microsoft SQL Server and can be hosted in the cloud or on premises, with the option to change your deployment model as your business grows and evolves. P21 also provides vast room for customizations and extensions. The highlight of its capabilities is DynaChange extensibility suite — software that lets you tailor your system to fit your business processes for greater efficiency. DynaChange rules let you insert your own business logic into the Prophet 21 user interface without altering the application code itself.

Epicor P21 – OroCommerce Integration Approach

As a code of practice, the P21 – OroCommerce integration is delivered in two phases, namely the initial data migration and the setup of ongoing data synchronization.

Initial data migration

The initial data migration is required to transfer the customer’s business domain model data and historical data from P21 to OroCommerce. The import is done for specific entities that possess such historical data, such as an order, product, or customer.

Some of the supported cases for initial data migration:

  • Users (via command line)
  • Customers
  • Customer users
  • Products
    • Including configurable products and its variants
  • Categories
    • Full hierarchy
    • Support for multiple categories per product
  • Orders
  • Invoices

Ongoing data synchronization

OroCommerce enables you to set up two types of ongoing data synchronization – scheduled and real-time.

Scheduled data synchronization

Every X minutes data is synchronized between P21 and OroCommerce in order to keep the dataset up to date.

Some of the supported cases for scheduled data synchronization :

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Product prices
  • Restricted classes
  • Customers
  • Customer users
  • Customer addresses
  • Orders
  • Invoices

Real-time data synchronization

Data synchronization is performed without a delay upon changes in specific datasets. The following are examples of entities supported for real-time synchronization.

OroCommerce sends data to P21 (asynchronously):

  • Orders
  • Customer users
  • Customer addresses
  • Pay on invoice
  • Transaction information

OroCommerce fetches data from P21 (in real-time):

  • Tax values
  • Inventory (availability)
  • Customer-specific product prices

How Oro’s Solutions Boosts Prophet 21 eCommerce Capabilities

As a leading B2B eCommerce and marketplace management platform, Oro’s solutions deliver the most comprehensive B2B functionality for your P21 eCommerce solution. Seamless integration between the two systems eliminates data duplication and redundant manual operations, ensures real-time synchronization of inventory, pricing, and shipping data, and allows you to focus resources on building new revenue streams and customer engagement programs.

Keep your data in sync – inventory, price, and delivery-related data are all synced bi-directionally between P21 ERP and OroCommerce to eliminate duplicate entry.

Drive down operational costs – minimize laborious data transfer operations and ensure accuracy of data across all parts of your eCommerce solution.

Maximize your B2B eCommerce results – delight your customers with rich B2B user experience on your online storefront or B2B marketplace. OroCommerce represents your ERP business entities on the eCommerce side and adapts to your existing business logic.

Empower your sales team – develop your online sales channels, speed up the sales lifecycle, build new customer engagement strategies for online buyers, and enable flexible personalization on a B2B eCommerce portal.

Stand out from the competition – get ahead of the competition by offering modern eCommerce self-service capabilities to your customers, differentiate from others by implementing a broad variety of customer engagement options into your online store.  

Build trust and loyalty for your brand – ensure uncompromised performance and data accuracy online, enable timely notifications on order delivery status and other tracking tools, create top-notch UX, and convert your website visitors into repeat customers.

Take advantage of the global B2B eCommerce disruption – be among the next generation of eCommerce adopters who use the synergy of online and offline retail to thrive at the modern B2B marketplace.

To learn more about Prophet 21 eCommerce capabilities together with OroCommerce, please contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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