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Event Recap: B2B eCommerce Forum in Detroit

September 19, 2017 | Oro Team

Over a week ago, Oro co-hosted the B2B eCommerce executive forum in Detroit together with other industry-leading players. We thank all of the guests who came to learn how they can improve B2B sales performance. The positive feedback we received after the panel discussion led by Oro, E7 Solutions, dotmailer, Akeneo, and PayPal showed that the event was a success.

Key insights discussed at the Forum included:

  • The most pressing challenges of modern-day B2B sales, including customer acquisition, re-evaluation of the traditional sales model, educating sales personnel on the power of eCommerce, management of product data across different trade channels, and much more.
  • The core differences between traditional B2C and B2B eCommerce approaches and processes. When B2C best practices may prove effective in the B2B environment.
  • The tools and solutions both new B2B market entrants and established sellers require launching a successful eCommerce strategy.
  • How Amazon for Business impacts the way B2B merchants should be building their websites nowadays.
  • How to properly incentivize sales reps to embrace eCommerce. How companies can help the sales force to come to terms with the digitization of commerce, a change that is intended to elevate their role, not eliminate it.
  • Best industries for B2B eCommerce and how mobile applies to the B2B space.
  • How to handle and leverage an enormous influx of sales-related data efficiently with solutions like ERP, order and warehouse management systems, accounting software, and CRM integrated with an eCommerce site.
  • How to keep customers engaged across all the touchpoints (offline and online) in a value-added manner with the help of digital solutions.
  • Most common mistakes made selling online, how to avoid and fix them.

If you couldn’t make it to Detroit event but are looking to implement a B2B eCommerce strategy, or just plan to swap your legacy eCommerce software, we’ve got great news!

You can still attend our B2B executive forum in Los Angeles, CA, this Wednesday, September 20 at 4.30 pm PST. The host of seasoned B2B practitioners from Oro, E7 Solutions, dotmailer, Akeneo, ShipperHQ and PayPal will touch on every aspect of transforming business through B2B eCommerce and disruptive technologies.

Don’t miss out on the last chance to 
register for free as seating is limited.

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