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Event Recap: Oro MeetUp Netherlands

April 26, 2017 | Oro Team

On April 19, we kicked off our Oro MeetUps in Eindhoven, Netherlands attended by leading B2B market players from all over the world.

Sponsored by Oro and our technology partner Marello, Oro MeetUp NL covered topics for  international B2B business owners, digital transformation enthusiasts, and industry experts who are interested in growing and streamlining their business.

In case you’ve missed the session, read through this Oro MeetUp NL review to learn key takeaways from the event.

ORO on Revolutionizing eCommerce

Jary Carter, Oro’s co-founder and CRO, was the first to expand on the B2B market insights and its new cutting-edge technologies. He introduced Oro’s business applications and discussed how they change the game for growing Commerce businesses. Following that, Jary highlighted the key differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce. He emphasized the importance of implementing  business solutions that offer unique B2B buying and selling processes. He then covered various B2B selling models and explained what functionalities within OroCommerce make it possible to address all potential B2B use cases.

Jary Carter at Oro MeetUp NL

Jary Carter: “A full-featured B2B platform is a key element of a successful eCommerce strategy.”

You can download Jary’s slides here.

MADIA on Implementing OroCommerce for Dumocom

After that, Falco van der Maden who is the owner and CEO of Madia, shared a real-life case study of OroCommerce. Dumocom, a Dutch PET bottle producer with over 20 years experience, was searching for an efficient eCommerce solution meant to support an organization’s sales channels. The company had additional requirements, such as customer and catalog segmentation, buyer-specific pricing and out-of-the-box integrations. Dumocom is currently using OroCommerce to optimize the management of its business processes and further reinforce its market success. Check out the full presentation here.

MARELLO on Streamlining B2B Business Processes with ERP Innovation

Following the one-hour live demo of OroCommerce and Marello (an open-source ERP solution), Falco van der Maden presented on how B2B companies can streamline their routine by using a business process management software. Marello has been built for webshops and omnichannel retailing in B2B and B2C to resolve complex issues related to B2B commerce. Due to its out-of-the-box features like omni-channel inventory management, forecasting tools, and returns management, Marello offers a more seamless and smoother experience when handling business processes.

Falco van der Maaden at Oro MeetUp NL

Falco van der Maaden: “Marello is an open-source ERP solution for omni-channel retailers based on OroPlatform.”

Download Falco’s slide deck for more info here.

BUCKAROO on the B2B Payments

Gijs Vodegel, who is a Key account manager at Buckaroo (a billing and payment services provider), presented on current and future trends that rule the global B2B payments market. The presentation covered the main reasons why traditional payment and invoicing systems are not reliable when it comes to the B2B payments. He also mentioned that alternative payment solutions for B2B environment are already being leveraged by business buyers and merchants.

Gijs Vodegel

B2B payment solutions got into the limelight.

Check Gijs’ full presentation on B2B payments here.

WEBS on Inbound Marketing for B2B

Emiel Kanters, Managing director at Webs (an inbound marketing and sales consultancy rendering services to B2B businesses) concluded the event’s presentations. He explained why traditional ways of selling have become less effective for B2B organizations and how legacy marketing and B2B sales tactics need to be revised. He also spoke on the importance of focusing on the customer’s buying cycle instead of focusing on the sales process. Emiel mentions this as a critical success factor in the B2B market.

Emiel Kanters at Oro MeetUp

Emiel Kanters on Inbound marketing for B2B

Get more insights into inbound marketing techniques from Emiel’s presentation deck.

Oro MeetUp NL

After-party conversations at Oro MeetUp NL.

After the presentations, Oro MeetUp NL shifted to an afternoon of networking and sharing best practices.

Did you find this Oro MeetUp NL recap useful? Share your opinion in the comments below.

The Oro Team thanks everyone for joining and looks forward to the next exciting MeetUp. Check out our upcoming events calendar to follow our next event and stay tuned for more announcements.

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