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Feature Highlight: Improved Reordering and Quick Order Capabilities in OroCommerce

January 3, 2018 | Oro Team

Business customers are also B2C retail customers and they love to shop online. It’s only natural that they bring their high consumer expectations to the B2B environment. A simple and quick online ordering experience is one of these expectations. But B2B buying is different. B2B buyers frequently place large-scale orders and purchase at regular intervals. When they reorder, they want it to be easy. Are you ready to meet this need? If you are an OroCommerce seller, you’re ready! We’ve implemented several frontend features to help you streamline the buying process. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can simplify order placement to give your clients the B2C customer experience they expect.

One Click Reorder of Previously Purchased Products

Rely on OroCommerce to help you enhance your customer journey. We’ve added a new Reorder feature to customer Order History views, so buyers can reorder quickly and sellers can increase conversions.

With just a single click on the Reorder button, any e past order can be instantly recreated.


Reorder option available for each past order

Once the buyer clicks Reorder, OroCommerce copies all of the original order details and triggers a new checkout. At the checkout page, customers can easily edit their personal information, if necessary.

Busy B2B clients will definitely appreciate this time-preserving option when its time to order again. For more information about Reordering, check out OroCommerce online documentation.

Item Stock Availability Displayed on the Quick Order Form  

B2B buyers usually know exactly what they want, especially if they are placing a repeat order.  That’s why a Quick Order form was included with the first release of OroCommerce. By using the Quick Order form on the store frontend, registered users or guests can speed up the ordering process by simply copying and pasting the exact SKUs they need or by uploading them in a CSV file. Once the required products are selected, buyers can instantly request a quote, create an order, or add the items to shopping lists. With the enhanced Quick Order form, buyers can now also view item availability as they order.

That’s great news. No one wants to invest time building an order only to discover at checkout that half of the items are out of stock. With OroCommerce, that’s not going to happen. Now, when customers enter an item name or  SKU on the Quick Order form, they instantly see if the product is available. As the screenshot demonstrates, out of stock products are indicated by zero amounts in the price column. This means buyers know right away the stock status of products and can easily remove unavailable goods before submitting their order.


In OroCommerce 1.5, sellers can label out of stock products or product categories and provide an availability date. So, if a buyer overlooks zero price amounts on the Quick Order Form and proceeds with an order that contains out of stock goods, they will be automatically notified on the checkout page.


How to Simplify Order Placement

B2B  buyers want to purchase online and they want an experience that emulates their retail buying experience. That sets the bar high for B2B eCommerce.  Sellers must simplify order placement to satisfy business buyers needs. Here are the top 4 features OroCommerce clients use to simplify the ordering process:

  • Reorder based on past purchases saves time and eliminates the effort required to search for products again.
  • Shopping lists that can be created and converted to an order at any time.Quick Order form to quickly search for products, enter quantities, view product prices and stock availability, and request quotes or submit orders from one screen.
  • Import orders from files that contain order details in .csv, xls, or .odf  format (e.g., Excel sheets) and instantly start the checkout process.

While B2B buyers expect a retail shopping experience, they have very different needs. They want to minimize the amount of time spent on the task, they frequently already know products by names and SKUs, they want to repeat past orders quickly and efficiently, and they usually need internal approval to order. They need to shop at an eCommerce site that’s built for B2B transactions. Does your eCommerce site meet your customer’s needs? It does if it’s built with OroCommerce!

We’re committed to continuous improvement. Stay tuned to learn more about upgrades as they are released.

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