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February OroCommerce Maintenance Releases Recap

March 6, 2018 | istrutynska

February is over meaning it’s time to recap the most recent fixes and improvements within OroCommerce. Below is a rundown of the new OroCommerce long-term support (LTS) and minor maintenance releases we’re sure will come in useful.

New OroCommerce LTS Maintenance Releases

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.6.4

The following fixes have been made in this maintenance release:

  • The product.sku field validation on the checkout works as expected.
  • Guest users can now add products from product listing using the MassAction dropdown.
  • New shopping list is created only when the guest shopping list functionality is enabled
  • API documentation data for the price lists endpoints is free of duplicate records.

Check out our GitHub repository and the release notes to learn more about the new changes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.6.3

  • The product grid render performance has been improved.
  • The Total QTY and Total field values available on the matrix form can be properly recalculated.
  • The issue related to FrontStore Js script error in the browser console has been successfully resolved.

For more technical details, visit out our GitHub repository and read the respective release notes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.6.2

  • The Product-view specification panel displays product prices as intended.
  • The Product Name field is validated properly.

To learn more, visit out our GitHub repository and read the respective release notes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.6.1

  • Configurable products with no qualifiers specified can’t be added to RFQs.
  • Identical SQL queries from oro_scope table get cached.
  • The configurable products matrix form popup is now displayed properly in the shopping list.
  • When adding a new warehouse, the queries from oro_website get cached.
  • Adding a new price on the website no longer initiates unparalleled job to process all products.
  • The multi-select type filters on the grid on the storefront work as expected.
  • The product attributes fields validation works properly.
  • Configurable product with enabled Simple Product
  • Related and upsell products added to the configurable product can be added to a shopping list.

To access the complete list of changes introduced in the OroCommerce 1.6.1 maintenance release, visit the dedicated GitHub repository and read our release notes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.25

  • Users are now able to submit an RFQ with a blank field value so that the backend user/admin can fill it out for them.
  • The  Payment Terms Name field is now validated properly.

To learn more about fixes made within OroCommerce Enterprise Edition 1.3.25, visit the GitHub repository and view the release notes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.24

  • The option closeOnSelect in Select2 works as intended.
  • Redelivery messages work properly on RabbitMQ.
  • The invalid query of audit table has been fixed.

Visit the respective GitHub repository and the OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.24 release notes for the complete list of improvements and fixes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.23

  • The product attributes fields are now properly validated.
  • Order totals are calculated correctly.

Visit this GitHub repository  or read the release notes for more information.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.22

Price rule expression functions as intended when string attribute is compared with a numeric value so that the generated product prices are calculated properly.

To learn more about this maintenance release, be sure to visit the dedicated GitHub repository or view the release notes.

New OroCommerce Minor Maintenance Releases

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.5

  • Order totals are now calculated correctly.
  • Shipping subtotal values for the UPS shipping method including surcharge are now calculated correctly.
  • Website reindex function has been improved to deliver a better user frontend experience.
  • Identical SQL queries from oro_scope table get cached.
  • Shipping and Payment blocks are updated properly if the address on single page checkout is changed.
  • Customer group restriction for web catalog has been improved to let only authenticated users access specific product collection while non-authenticated users are displayed a landing page.

To view the complete list of new changes within OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.5, visit the respective GitHub repository and read these release notes.

Stay tuned for the future product updates!

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