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Frost & Sullivan Ranks OroCommerce #1 in B2B eCommerce Capabilities

October 3, 2017 | Oro Team

For B2B businesses, the benefits of selling online are huge. eCommerce allows B2B retailers to open new markets while simultaneously doing a better job of serving existing customers. eCommerce also enables B2B sellers to reach markets that are costly to tackle with traditional approaches.

So, how can B2B merchants make an informed investment decision and choose a feasible commerce solution that will facilitate their digital strategy?

Frost & Sullivan, a renowned business consultancy specializing in market analysis across multiple industries, released the newest research on the state of the B2B market. They have reviewed the B2B eCommerce vendor landscape and offer a shortlist of the leading digital commerce platforms in the market today. The analysis was based on criteria such as B2B capabilities, time to ROI, user interface, partner ecosystem, product attributes, and workflow engine.

Download this data-driven research to learn how Frost & Sullivan rates OroCommerce and what makes the application the right choice for B2B companies selling online.

Key takeaways from B2B eCommerce Platform and Market Analysis research include:

  • B2B market outlook and drivers;
  • Major features and capabilities that define top B2B eCommerce solutions;
  • Overview and comparison of key vendors within the B2B eCommerce platform market.

The success of an eCommerce implementations largely depend on understanding industry trends and adopting the proper technology fit for your business. Read the research by Frost & Sullivan to get the latest insights from the B2B space and see which eCommerce platform can help your business grow.

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