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New Integration: Google Tag Manager Extension for OroCommerce

August 7, 2019 | Oro Team

We are thrilled to announce a Google Tag Manager extension for OroCommerce, which is available for free on our marketplace! Now your marketers can easily create and track customer events on your eCommerce website without even asking developers for help. 

Integration between your Oro application and Google Tag Manager enables you to add tracking tags to your OroCommerce web store pages with the help of Enhanced E-commerce and collect information on customer behavior, purchases, product clicks, page views, etc. All this information can subsequently be shared with Google Analytics to measure various user interactions with products on your website through E-Commerce reports. This can help you get a full picture of on-page visitor behavior, how well your marketing strategies work, and how to target your audience better.

Some of the key benefits of using Google Tag Manager for your eCommerce website:

  • Tapping into Enhanced eCommerce – Enhanced eCommerce adds more valuable insights to your Google Analytics reports. It allows you tracking not only purchases but also your visitor’s journey step by step, such as when they add items to their shopping carts, start the checkout process, and complete a purchase. You can still opt for basic Standard eCommerce reports with Google Tag Manager if you are only interested in sales data and how well each product performs but Enhanced eCommerce may help you further optimize your strategy and pinpoint customer behavior patterns.
  • Fast deployment of tracking codes by your marketers – Google Tag Manager speeds up many processes related to adding/changing/testing tracking codes, called tags. In most cases, your marketing team can handle those processes on their own via GTM interface, without asking a developer to add necessary code to the web page. This really helps to minimize the time required to launch new tags and eliminates technical bottlenecks for your team. 
  • Centralized tag management – Google Tag Manager provides a visual interface to control all your tags from one place. It is much more convenient than having hardcoded tracking codes all scattered between your webpages, making them a real hassle to find and update.
  • And many more!

You can read about how to set up and start using Google Tag Manager for OroComemrce in our documentation. Time to make the most out of your eCommerce analytics with OroCommerce and Google Tag Manager!

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