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Introducing B2B eCommerce Batch API Functionality in OroCommerce

July 2, 2020 | Oro Team

OroCommerce powers many B2B eCommerce scenarios with the help of a flexible open-source ecosystem and a robust API. Business sellers require quick access and information exchange to keep all parts of their eCommerce systems running at their best.

In early 2020 we introduced an extensive set of B2B integration API endpoints as part of OroCommerce LTS 4.1. During our recent patch updates, we rolled out Batch APIs to help you be even more efficient when syncing data with the Oro API. 

What is eCommerce Batch API?

The Batch API allows you to update or create a list of entities of the same type via one API request. B2B batch eCommerce API processing helps your systems to communicate with OroCommerce more effectively, improving speed, scalability, and reducing server load.

What is the Batch API for?

OroCommrece’s new eCommerce batch API makes it easy to create and update data in bulk. It allows one to manage large amounts of order information or inventory data via a single HTTP request. Batching speeds up the flow of data within applications, which reduces errors, streamlines operations and improves employee productivity. 

Batching is also an easy way for integrators and developers to ensure consistency between systems. This could be useful when new products are added to the ERP, product descriptions are updated in the PIM for eCommerce, or inventory storage conditions are changed in the WHM system. Some other use cases include:

New integrations

If you start using a new ERP, integrating it with OroCommerce becomes easier. Instead of creating individual API calls for every product or attribute, you can combine these requests into a batch and speed up your integration.

Data migration

If you have to re-platform or migrate to a new system, batch APIs can help you minimize errors when syncing large amounts of new data with OroCommerce. This speeds up your time to market and ROI of your systems. 

Large catalogs

If your business handles millions of SKUs, or if you need to make changes to large volumes of product data, batching makes the whole process less resource-intensive. 

Introducing New APIs

Up until now, it was necessary to perform multiple API calls for every object. OroCommerce’s new B2B batch APIs free up resources that would otherwise cause bottlenecks and performance losses. It applies to the following entities:

4.1.3 patch release

  • customers
  • customer users
  • orders
  • products

4.1.4 patch release

  • product prices
  • price lists
  • price list schedules
  • price rules

Entities of the same type can be combined into a single request, which is processed asynchronously. This means that the server may process records in any order, regardless of how they were specified in the request.

Lastly, we don’t want to restrict the number of times you can create or import objects in OroCommerce, so there are no limits on neither the number of items per request nor the amount API calls themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about this new feature and explore some examples of B2B batch data processing, take a look at our Batch API article in the documentation.

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