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Introducing Oro DevBox: The Pre-Built Cloud-Based Workstation for Oro Developers

July 7, 2023 | Oro Team

Oro is committed to creating an ecosystem where businesses thrive, and developers are a key element of this environment. When developers work more efficiently, everyone benefits. That’s why Oro created the Oro DevBox. It’s a secure, ready-to-code virtual developer workstation that lets you launch Community and Enterprise versions of Oro application version 5.0. or version 5.1. DevBox allows developers to quickly access a preconfigured and optimized Oro applications environment with all the tools and resources they need to write code.

Benefits of Oro DevBox

Skip the pain associated with starting a project and reduce your learning curve by using DevBox.

  • New developers get up to speed on working in the Oro environment faster and experienced developers can cut at up to 80% off the time it takes to set up and configure for a new Oro project.
  • Beginners can use the shell aliases and tips included in the web interface to get up to speed faster while experienced developers use them to work even more efficiently.
  • You can connect and launch the pre-configured work environment you need with all the tools and dependencies already enabled.
  • Work remotely from any device. Your code is saved directly in the cloud, so your work is available at any time and from any device. You can even change code from a tablet or an outdated desktop.

What it Includes

DevBox has the environment, tools, and shortcuts you need to get your Oro project up and running quickly.

We used the getpod-io Open VS Code server on the remote machine as an integrated development environment (IDE) with PHP helping tools included.

Next, we added PHP, Symfony Server, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, and NodeJs in the appropriate versions for Oro, put them into Docker containers, and then configured and organized their interaction specifically for their use in Oro applications.

Not only do you get the tools you need, but all services are configured for working with the application.

How It Sets Up

With just one click, you can deploy your DevBox without manually configuring the software and settings. Simply deploy the DevBox solution, access the application, and launch the environment. Skip the configuration settings you don’t need and get up and running even faster.

Deploy your Oro Devbox instance in just one click

What Developers Have to Say

Oro developers are already using this tool, and the feedback is positive.

Manana Gedevanishvili
“I spent about 5X less time setting up and configuring the environment for my new Oro customization project. All the built-in tools and shortcuts made working super smooth and easy. I could connect to my project from anywhere, including my mom's ancient PC, and make the tweaks I needed, leveraging the cloud server's resources and capacity."
Manana Gedevanishvili Frontend Developer at Oro Inc.

What Does It Cost?

Oro makes the Oro DevBox available free of charge. You only pay Google as you go for your Google Cloud hosting fees. These are dependent on your region, server configurations, and the amount of space you need.

For example, a developer in Western Europe using a 4 vCPU and 16 GB memory will pay less than $120 a month.

Work smarter, not harder! Deploy Oro DevBox for your Oro projects.

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