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Introducing OroMakerBundle: Boost Productivity, Reliability, and Save Time

November 16, 2022 | Oro Team

OroCommerce is a robust, flexible, and scalable B2B eCommerce solution with deep customization potential. 

We want our developers, partners, and customers to make the most of this potential. That’s why we’re constantly developing tools and resources enabling you to streamline adoption and sharpen your skills.

Today, we are happy to introduce OroMakerBundle – Oro’s new code-generating tool that drastically reduces the amount of manual coding work for developers.

OroMakerBundle is a fast and easy way to generate code for your bundles, entities, form classes, data grids, and more. The result is greater accuracy and quicker turnaround times.

Repetitive coding can impact productivity, slow down development, and introduce mistakes. OroMakerBundle helps you develop Oro applications more efficiently, decreasing the time and effort required to type out lines of code. 

With a dedicated tool that generates code as a base to work from, you can ensure error-free code, implement business logic faster, and free up time for working on other projects.

What is OroMakerBundle and How Does It Help?

By generating the most common code you’ll need to use, OroMakerBundle helps you with the following:

  • Get started with Oro applications quickly

Shorten your learning curve and get started developing quickly. No familiarity with OroPlatform is needed to get started, and you can explore the code and learn at your own pace.

  • Cut down the time it takes to set up

Spare yourself from the burden of the routine. When you free yourself from entering the same code repeatedly, you can concentrate on the business logic and tasks that demand your creativity.

  • Prototype your applications effectively

Create working prototypes in hours and not days. Prepare impactful demos for customers, arrive at your desired solution, and collect feedback faster.

  • Generate best practice code reliably

OroMakerBundle was developed by Oro’s core development team with best practices in mind. It uses Oro’s coding methodology and is an excellent learning reference.

It’s ideal for developers new to Oro, as they don’t need to learn and configure Oro elements. Instead, they can start with ready code and focus on building solutions. It also helps them self-learn from code written according to Oro standards.

Experienced developers can focus more on business logic instead of performing repetitive actions. OroMakerBundle is ideal for prototyping and building demos, as it shortens the time it takes to deliver working products to customers.

Whether you’re a freelancer, an in-house developer, or work with an agency, you will appreciate the time saved and the flexibility offered by this bundle.

More Reasons to Try The OroMakerBundle

Oro-wide support

OroMakerBundle is available on the Enterprise and Community editions, including all Oro products – OroCommerce, OroCRM, and OroMarketplace.

Export-import functions

OroMakerBundle’s code generator can generate entities with basic export-import functionality to migrate data.

Basic API

OroMakerBundle supports APIs in generated code, enabling developers to populate it with external data.

Partial usage

Developers can disable certain OroMakerBundle components, giving them greater control over specific functionality.

Bundleless support

OroMakerBundle will also support a bundleless structure to give developers more flexibility and reduce project complexity.

When can I try OroMakerBundle?

The current 5.0 Long-term support (LTS) version does not yet support OroMakerBundle – expect to see it in the 5.1 Release candidate (RC) early next year. This release is characterized by major product improvements, which make way for the 5.1 LTS in March 2023.

Learn More In the Upcoming Oro Tech Talks 5!

In the next Oro Tech Talks episode, we’ll be formally taking the wraps off OroMakerBundle and sharing additional tools and tips for developer productivity. The talk will be hosted by Oro expert and trainer Marcin Łukaszewicz, with plenty of real-world applications, technical value to developers, and opportunities to get questions answered.

Learn how to make the most of Oro resources to grow your skills, expand your knowledge, and take your Oro applications to the next level. But hurry – time is running out!

Sign up for Leveling Up Your Productivity in OroCommerce on November 22 at 4 pm CET / 10 am EST.

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