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Developers' Digest

January OroCommerce Maintenance Releases Recap

February 1, 2018 | Oro Team

As we’ve recently announced, we’ll be providing a rundown of the improvements and fixes introduced in the latest long-term support (LTS) and minor maintenance releases once per month. January is over, so here is our monthly recap of the changes made within OroCommerce.

New OroCommerce LTS Maintenance Releases

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.21

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition 1.3.21 provides the following improvements:

  • The Unit sort filter on both shopping list and price list work as intended.
  • The Quote.qid field validation on customer and quote pages is performed properly.

To learn more about fixes made within OroCommerce Enterprise Edition 1.3.21, visit the GitHub repository and view the release notes.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.20

The main changes made within OroCommerce Enterprise Edition 12.3.20 include the following:

  • Product units are now properly translated into the quick order form
  • The issue related to the fields validation on customer/quote/ page, admin/sale/quote pages, admin/marketing-list/view page, admin/campaign pages have been resolved.
  • On the frontend, the Item Number availability check for the autocomplete option on the quick order form has been improved.

Visit the respective GitHub repository and the OroCommerce Enterprise 1.3.20 release notes for the complete list of improvements and fixes.

OroCommerce Minor Maintenance Releases

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.4

The following fixes have been made in this maintenance release:

  • The price lists export functionality works properly works as intended on the application instances with PostgreSQL.
  • During the Product Attributes import, the serialized fields are imported correctly without affecting the database schema.
  • The indexation logic of multiline product attributes has been improved.
  • The products with the deleted prices are no longer seen in the price list.

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition 1.5.4 GitHub repository, as well as the release notes, will provide you with more information.

OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.3

Along with several insignificant bug fixes described in the release notes for OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.3, the release provides the following application improvements:

  • On iOS devices, the data filters list can be opened as the full-screen popup.
  • The ElasticSearch index size has been optimized.
  • The pagination of quotes grid accessed from the account view on the frontend now works as expected.
  • The frontend and backend UI elements translations for the German localization have been improved.

For more details, visit the OroCommerce Enterprise 1.5.3 GitHub rep.

Stay tuned for more product updates we’ll cover in our Developer’s Digest blog section.

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