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Join B2B Commerce Uncut Ep.5: Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce: What Works & What Doesn’t in the 2020s

July 19, 2022 | Oro Team

Customers are spending more time researching brands online on industry publications, review sites, and corporate websites. But how do you guide your marketing strategy, connect with your audience, and cement your place in the market?

In another unscripted and unedited B2B Commerce Uncut episode, we discuss how to craft a consistent B2B eCommerce marketing strategy that builds trust and long-term relationships.

The episode, titled Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce: What Works & What Doesn’t in the 2020s, will be hosted by Jary Carter.

The first guest is Joshua Williams, Director of Digital and eCommerce Marketing at Petra Industries, a major B2B and consumer electronics distributor. He will be joined by Kurt Hoffman, Director of Strategic Accounts at, digital services provider.

Announcing Episode 5: Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce

Jary Carter’s experience with B2B eCommerce stretches back to the days of Magento where he worked with Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. He was an Oro Inc. Co-Founder and served as Chief Revenue Officer until 2019. Currently, Carter serves as Chief Revenue Officer with WordPress VIP.
Jary Carter, Host, B2B Commerce Uncut
Joshua leads marketing and eCommerce at Petra Industries, an electronics distributor for more than 500 brands. With more than a decade of experience, he’s been instrumental in modernizing Petra’s digital commerce and marketing departments to meet the demanding needs of today’s B2B customers.
Joshua Williams, Director of Digital and Ecommerce Marketing, Petra Industries
Kurt is a marketing expert who understands how to deliver solutions that match client needs. He is a Director of Strategic Accounts at, a digital technology and experience services company. Before, he directed strategic accounts initiatives at Matrex Exhibits and held management roles in other companies.
Kurt Hoffman, Director of Strategic Accounts,

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Marketing Strategies in B2B Commerce: What Works & What Doesn’t in the 2020s

August 24, 2022 11 am ET / 5 PM CEST

What This Podcast Will Cover

During this podcast, we’ll cover various digital marketing topics that are important to B2B sellers and eCommerce practitioners:

  • The role of good marketing in business success
  • How B2B customer expectations changed over the years
  • Biggest B2B digital marketing and eCommerce  myths
  • How customer behavior changed post-pandemic
  • Building a trustworthy brand in a competitive marketplace
  • Successes, challenges and internal resistance
  • Taking your B2B eCommerce channel to the next level

As always, we’ll be taking your questions and answering them in real-time.

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