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Meet Oro at the Groothandel eCommerce Event in the Netherlands

October 18, 2017 | Oro Team

Attention all European B2B market players! In case you can’t make it in late October to the Roadshow in Germany, Oro is setting off to the Netherlands this fall. We’ll be taking part in one of the most insightful eCommerce events for wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers hosted by our partner H1.  

This is a must-attend free session for B2B organizations and wholesale businesses striving to revitalize their eCommerce efforts through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Join us at the Groothandel eCommerce Event to be held on November 30 from 3 pm until 7.30 pm CET, at the ECE Rotterdam venue. Motti Danino, Oro’s COO, will kick off the event by discussing the critical features a viable B2B eCommerce platform should have to facilitate online sales.

Our other event speakers from H1, Akeneo, Marello, and Softwear will discuss:

  • Disruptive trends in eCommerce shaping the future of B2B and wholesale: How should companies adapt?
  • Drivers of B2B eCommerce success.
  • Practical business advice for brands and wholesalers looking to get more sales from retailers.
  • Stock integration in both online and physical stores, supported by real-life case studies.

Sign up and get ready with questions you’d like to challenge industry and technology experts with during the panel discussions and thematic workshops, or at a networking session at the bar.

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