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New Guide: Why B2B Companies Must Sell Online Now (and What You’re Missing If You Don’t)

May 23, 2018 | Oro Team

The B2B landscape is changing. Don’t get knocked off your feet by the groundswell created as more and more companies move to eCommerce. B2B companies of all sizes and from all industries and niches are making the move to selling online. It’s only natural. Today’s buyers start their search on the internet. If you aren’t online, you don’t exist. Oro’s new guide takes a look at companies that have made a successful move to online sales, how it is improving their bottom line, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing efficiencies.

The Rewards of eCommerce

From tableware to metal cutting tools, B2B manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers are successfully selling online. Grainger estimates that 80% of their sales will come from eCommerce within 5 years. Arc International uses an eCommerce presence to support sales in five languages in 160 countries to the tune of over $1 billion. Trupar disrupted an entire industry when they started selling online. These are just a few samples of the companies that are reaping the benefits of B2B eCommerce. If you aren’t selling online, you aren’t relevant.

Who Should Read this Guide?

If you are a sales or marketing manager that is ready to take your company to the next level, you should read this guide. This guide is also helpful for people who think eCommerce isn’t an option for their business model or that eCommerce doesn’t deliver sales, efficiency, and profitability.

What’s Included

This guide provides proof-of-concept examples of B2B companies that are reaping the rewards of eCommerce in a big way.  You’ll see how to leverage eCommerce for improvements in the customer experience and customer service you currently offer. Learn how to expand into new markets without opening new sales offices and how localization will allow you to operate one website in multiple languages, currencies, and shipping options.

The traditional B2B sales funnel is going the way of the dinosaur. The internet and social media have changed B2B transactions; they now look more and more like B2C.  Learn how and why decision-makers are influenced by forces outside their organization, and how you can influence the influencers.

Explore the possibilities for operational and sales efficiencies and learn how to efficiently capture data and effectively act upon it.

Will You Lead or Follow?

52% of B2B buyers plan on making at least half of their purchases online this year. Will they buy from you or your competitor? Find out what buyers want in a website and how to evaluate eCommerce solutions. The first mover advantage won’t last long.

Download OroCommerce’s Guide to Why B2B Companies Must Sell Online Now and learn what you are missing if you don’t.

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