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[New Guide] Growing B2B eCommerce Website Traffic and Revenue, Part 1 – Search

March 8, 2018 | Oro Team

There’s a dirty little secret in the world of B2B eCommerce, and no one talks about it. From time to time, traffic slows, sales fall flat, and you hit a plateau that’s hard to break. You think you’re alone, but you are not. It’s not the time to panic, but it is time to take quick action. OroCommerce is ready to shine the light on the problem. We’ve put together a guide to help you identify the issues causing your plateau, troubleshoot the problem, and provide actionable advice to help you get traffic and sales growing again.

What Causes Traffic and Sales Plateaus?

In order to figure out the cause of your plateau, you must have insight into your customer behavior and purchasing habits. Do you know how visitors arrive, how they move about the site and their exit points? If not, you should.

The performance of the site must be part of the assessment as well. These days, sites must be fully responsive for the mobile environment, load quickly, be secure, and provide completely original content. And that’s just the start. Something as seemingly insignificant as a slow load time can have a significant impact on the bottom line. If Amazon figures every 1 millisecond in latency costs them 1% in sales, what is the impact of your site’s performance on your bottom line?

In addition, sitewide and on-page search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns must be approached strategically to generate quality traffic with a high likelihood of conversion.

The causes of traffic and sales plateaus are many. Fortunately, most are easy to correct when you know what to look for and what actions to take.

How This Guide Will Help

The Guide to Beating the Traffic and Revenue Plateau will give you:

  • Ways to assess the quality of your traffic
  • KPIs to uncover bottlenecks in your sales funnel
  • Metrics for assessing retention and loyalty
  • Guidance on assessing website performance
  • Methods for diagnosing and avoiding duplicate content to avoid Google penalties
  • Low-hanging fruits in SEO that will have guaranteed results
  • How to effectively plan, structure, and execute pay per click campaigns that drive quality traffic
  • Tips to market and target so you can act with intention.

Who Should Read This Guide?

If you are responsible for marketing, sales, or eCommerce, this guide is for you. From creating content pages that are automatically optimized for SEO to writing PPC ads, planning SEM strategies and assessing the flow of leads through your funnel, every person with responsibility for generating traffic or sales should read this guide.

Get Traffic Flowing Again

Quality traffic is the lifeblood of eCommerce. Don’t settle for flat traffic and lackluster sales. Get ready to jumpstart traffic and get sales growing again. Download Oro’s Guide to Beating the Traffic and Revenue Plateau today.

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