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[New Guide] Transforming Customer Relationships – Bringing Offline Customers Online

December 12, 2017 | Oro Team

If you’re a B2B wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor you know you need to go online. Forrester Research estimates that the B2B eCommerce market will hit $889 billion this year (2017) in the US, and that’s more than double the size of the e-retailing market. But getting your eCommerce store up and running is only half the story. It doesn’t matter how awesome your online sales portal is if customers won’t use it to make their purchases.

The Customer Adoption Problem

While tech-savvy millennials are moving into the B2B purchasing function and demanding an online experience, many other B2B buyers still use old-school methods like email spreadsheets, fax order forms, or phone calls with their sales reps. B2B is built on established relationships and many customers resist any change they perceive as a change in the relationship. Moving these customers online requires understanding their fears and changing their behavior.

That’s why Oro has developed a complete, step-by-step Guide to Customer Adoption for B2B eCommerce.

Who Needs This Guide?

Whether you already have launched your website or are just laying down the strategy for your eCommerce project, you need to know how to get existing customers to buy online. Changing customer behavior isn’t always easy. This guide was written to help:

  • eCommerce Channel Managers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Directors and Executives
  • Business Development and Sales Executives

Customer adoption is a completely different process than new customer acquisition. This guide explains the differences and provides a blueprint to develop your customer adoption process.

What Will You Learn?

From developing a budget and pulling together a team to creating incentives and overcoming resistance, this guide takes you through the entire process.

Learn how to make the case for change to both customers and employees, how to overcome resistance, how to get customers to make their first online purchase and how to monitor and evaluate results. You’ll learn how to personalize the entire process. That’s important because Gartner predicts that next year (2018) companies that can personalize will outsell their competitors by 30%.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to boost your customer adoption rates or further develop your plans for digitizing sales? Download this complete Guide to Customer Adoption for B2B eCommerce.

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