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New Release: OroCommerce 1.2 Has Arrived

June 1, 2017 | Oro Team

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our most recent version of OroCommerce for our Community and Enterprise users.

As OroCommerce draws new customers across the globe, we strive to improve its extensive B2B functionality and push out new capabilities to offer the best user experience for B2B sales growth.

Within OroCommerce 1.2, we have implemented several new features to enhance:

  • Store management;
  • Store frontend;
  • Performance and scalability;
  • Integrations with external systems.

Here’s a summary of each enhancement that’s been included.

What’s New in OroCommerce 1.2

Store Management Improvements

  • We’ve added the new “Product Collection” web-catalog content type to improve upon the product browsing experience;
  • We’ve enabled the configuration of additional system notifications for all assigned sales representatives;
  • The new Contact Us widget has been created to accept customer requests sent from the store frontend.

Store Frontend Improvements

  • The frontend grids have been upgraded for a smoother grid experience;
  • We’ve added support for multiple product templates as well as the ability to select a product template per specific products;
  • The mobile product view page has been significantly improved;
  • Sitemap generation with automatic split of large sitemaps has been enabled.

Performance & Scalability Improvements

  • The ability to switch to price list data sharding mode has been implemented to support extensive and content-rich product catalogs and complex pricing lists;
  • ElasticSearch index structure and performance have been optimized in multiple ways.


  • Apruve B2B credit management network has been integrated to allow for secure credit extensions and online payments at the checkout;
  • Authorize.Net payment gateway integration has been carried out to facilitate secure online payments with credit/debit cards by your domestic and international customers;
  • New orders API has been added to retrieve order data from the system;
  • Customer and customer user imports have been added to complement customer and customer user exports.

The integrations with the payment systems mentioned above will also be available as standalone extensions in the upcoming OroCommerce Marketplace. Stay tuned for our announcement.

To catch up with the newest version of OroCommerce, please follow the instructions specified in the OroCRM
upgrade and clone instructions as the upgrade process is similar (make sure to use the orocommerce.git repository or files from page).

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