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New Release: OroCommerce 1.6 LTS Has Arrived

February 6, 2018 | Oro Team

We’re excited to inform our Community that OroCommerce 1.6 Long Term Support version is now available.

In this release, the Oro Team has upgraded the application with many new features and improvements. One of the major innovations in this release is the new matrix order forms for configurable products. We have also extended shipping methods by implementing the integration to FedEx, one of the world’s most popular courier delivery services provider. Other improvements include price attribute APIs and faster loading of webstore pages.

Here’s a summary of all the improvements made in OroCommerce 1.6.

Matrix Order Forms for Configurable Products

The enhanced matrix order form allows buyers to easily order products with several configurable attributes (e.g., uniform available in various colors and sizes). Due to the new user-friendly matrix order form interface, all product variations are simultaneously displayed on a single screen which simplifies the ordering process. OroCommerce sellers can choose between an inline matrix order form or its pop-up variant.


Configurable Product Variations Selected at the Checkout

To streamline and speed up the purchase process and improve customer experience, we have added a new feature to the matrix form controls. It’s now possible to add a configurable product to the shopping list without specifying the product quantities or variations. This option enables customers to instantly choose products of their interest and provide the desired identifiers at the checkout. Such products are displayed on the checkout page as empty matrices which can be edited.

Visibility of Configurable Products’ Variations

With the new settings available for configurable product variations, sellers can now hide all simple variations of configurable products on the storefront. This will help them keep their product catalogs neater and free of simple product variation clones which can be displayed on several catalog pages. By using this option you only manage simple variations without affecting the way “regular” products are shown in your webstore.

FedEx Shipping Integration

We have extended our existing shipping methods by adding support for FedEx. Buyers can be informed on shipping estimates for these services at checkout. The integration supports all regular FedEx shipping services. Each customer may see various services depending on their shipment size, weight, and delivery address.

Attribute Data Import and Export

The product price data such as base price, cost, MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), or MAP (minimum advertised price) can now be exported and imported from the Price Attributes page in the admin panel. The exported CSV files contain all unique combinations of SKUs, price attributes, units, and currencies. The files to be imported will provide this data respectively.

System Configuration Search

We have improved the system configuration search feature introduced earlier. The new capabilities are:

  • Search now includes the text configuration values (such as email signatures) for a wider coverage.
  • Due to the Fuse.js-based fuzzy search configuration, matching results can be easily found even when a search combination is misspelled or only partially provided.
  • The search UI has been enhanced to ensure a better user experience.

Email Notifications

It’s now possible to configure notification rules and send email notifications using email addresses specified in the entity fields marked as emails.

For example, you can set up automated “Thank you for your interest” emails and reply to someone submitting a contact request (using the email they provided in the form).  

Other Improvements

  • The OroCommerce frontend is now optimized for iPhone X.
  • The `` markup for the products and product information is now available on all catalog pages, which allows the search engine to process the catalog content much better.
  • The product edit page in the admin panel loads asynchronously to ensure the pages load quicker.
  • The homepage and product listings are now available in the blank theme to enhance the storefront customization.
  • The Order API now includes the promotions and discount values.
  • Event organizers are now shown in the calendar events.
  • To bolster the email security without compromising email functionality and performance, email headers and bodies contain only safe tags.
  • To improve performance security, the websocket server subscriptions now require token-based authorization.
  • All grid exports now include the ID column.
  • We’ve migrated to PHP 7.1 and no longer support PHP 7.0.

Check out the release notes available on GitHub:

To upgrade OroCommerce to version 1.6,  follow the upgrade and clone instructions. The upgrade process is similar for all Oro applications. Please use the `orocommerce.git` repository or files from page when doing so.

Stay tuned for the future product upgrades and feel free to leave your feedback or product improvement suggestions below.

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