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New Release: OroCommerce 3.0 BETA Is Available

April 3, 2018 | Oro Team

Although this post might be the shortest one ever published on our blog, it informs of an important product update. OroCommerce 3.0. BETA minor release is out and can be used immediately. In case you’ve missed our previous post explaining why OroCommerce versions will jump from 1.x straight to 3.x, here’s a quick recap. Due to the transition to Symfony 3.4, we’ve changed the versioning of all the Oro products and revised the version numbering scheme.

3.0 BETA is available at the following links:

An important side note: neither OroCommerce 3.0 BETA nor OroPlatform/OroCRM 3.0 BETA will be supported as regular stable and long-term support (LTS) versions. They are just minor releases laying the groundwork for Symfony 3.4 upgrade. Therefore, no fixes are going to be issued for 3.0 BETA. But, already in May, you can expect OroCommerce 3.0 RC (release candidate), followed by the release of the stable OroCommerce LTS 3.0 version in July.

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