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New Webinar: Strategies for Improving Customer Journey and Increasing Conversions

September 5, 2017 | Oro Team

Oro, Apruve, and are excited to invite you to our next webinar titled ‘Strategies for Improving Customer Journey and Increasing Conversions. B2B eCommerce with Preferred Payment Options‘.

A team of industry visioners will be hosting this webinar at 9 a.m. PST on October 5. Join the webcast to learn how B2B organizations should innovate to keep buyers satisfied throughout the entire customer journey.

Our speakers, Motti Danino (COO at Oro, Inc.), Michael Noble (CEO and founder of Apruve), and Sean McDonnell (co-founder and CEO at will discuss how B2B vendors can leverage their advantage with the latest B2B eCommerce technology trends.

Key highlights include:

  • Analysis of the customer expectations shift within B2B and reasons why vendors can’t afford to downplay the self-serve model;
  • Overview of the game-changing front- and back-end functionality any B2B site should have to boost conversions;
  • Comparing B2B online and offline payment preferences;
  • Learning how to increase order value and frequency by diversifying the payment methods you offer;
  • B2B business owner’s perspective on online strategy and digital solutions.

Register for the webinar today! Get actionable guidelines to make your buyers’ customer journey even smoother and get them to convert on your offers.

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