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Now Available: German B2B eCommerce Localization from OroCommerce

June 13, 2017 | Oro Team

Following recent customer wins across other key global geographies, Oro is looking to further commit to Germany’s burgeoning B2B market that now accommodates 5,491 of B2B companies with established online presence. We’ve already opened our first office in Berlin last year and are partnering with Germany’s leading agencies to make both OroCRM and OroCommerce available for German market players and supply their demand for effective business solutions facilitating online commerce.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of OroCommerce version localized and entirely adapted to the German market needs.

Key Points of German Localization of OroCommerce

The localized version of OroCommerce is available for both Community and Enterprise customers free of charge. Our B2B eCommerce platform already supports interface translations into multiple languages as well as locale-specific definitions for addresses, dates, timezones, and currencies.

Other than that, the localization scope includes integrations with key services such as payments, shipping, and German tax regulations, namely:

  • Integration with native B2B payment systems (InfinitePay and Wirecard);
  • Implementation of new shipping methods (DPD);
  • Customization of tax settings to comply with German taxation rules.

Let’s review the functionality for each of these for more details.

Integrations with Payment Systems

InfinitePay focuses on online transactions between businesses and allows for selling items specifically against invoice which is one of the most popular B2B payment methods in Germany. According to the study by ibi Research GmbH, purchase cancellation rates can decrease by 79% once a buyer is offered the “purchase on invoice” payment option available among other payment types. Customers pay the bill (the invoice) within agreed payment terms after they receive their order. Should a buyer fail to pay their debt as it matures InfinitePay takes over your due receivables. As a B2B online shop keeper, you are protected against payment losses and can plan your liquidity in the long term.

Due to the integration of OroCommerce with Wirecard, one more digital payment solutions provider, we cover other payment methods relevant to B2B online selling in Germany. With the help of Wirecard payment processing system, a B2B buyer can securely pay with credit/debit card, via electronic debiting or online bank transfer, via PayPal, or using the prepayment option.

Integration with Shipping Provider

With its 77 depots and 6,000 pickup/drop-off spots (parcelshops) throughout the country, DPD Germany is the second-largest international European delivery network shipping over 350 million parcels annually. DPD is a renowned and reliable transport operator rendering delivery services to B2C customers and offering industry-specific shipping solutions for B2B clients. Due to the integration with DPD, it will be possible to create parcel labels, track shipments, arrange returns and choose the pickup location most convenient for a business customer.

More Features To Come

VAT Treatment and VAT ID Validation

Later this year, OroCommerce will introduce the functionality for VAT ID number validation. The VAT number serves as an enterprise tax identifier for EU countries and it outlines the specific tax rate European buyers are charged. Soon OroCommerce customers will be able to check whether specific EU VAT information is valid and see if their client’s company is registered to trade cross-border within the EU. This will be done via the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

In short, it will be possible to create a business buyer within OroCommerce, verify their VAT ID and store it in the system for further use.

Localization Features on OroCommerce Marketplace

OroCommerce German localization bundle is also available as a single extension on OroCommerce marketplace or in a “disassembled” form, meaning that you can pick and choose specific extensions and download them from the Marketplace individually. For example, you can download just the DPD dropshipping extension or only InfinitePay extension instead of getting the whole bundle.

Stay tuned for more news on how we plan to expand localization efforts for the German market.

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