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Oro Community Webinar: OroCommerce 1.0 Features Overview and Demo

We’re pleased to announce our first springtime community webinar “OroCommerce 1.0 Features Overview and Demo”. It will be hosted for our vibrant Community members and anyone enthusiastic about innovative open-source business technologies and business digitization.

Register now for this live session to be held on Thursday, March 23, at 6 pm EET / 9 am PDT and join a fascinating discussion about how OroCommerce is changing the B2B commerce market.

Oro’s prominent leadership team featuring Jary Carter (co-founder and CRO) and Michael Bessolov (VP of Engineering) will elaborate on features making OroCommerce so outstanding and best suited for interacting with business customers.  

Key takeaways include:

  • OroCommerce Intro & Specials
  • Customer-facing features (supported by Live Demo)
  • Employee-facing features (supported by Live Demo)
  • Benefits of integrating with OroCRM 2.0 application
  • Product roadmap and nearest milestones

The session will include a question and answer section, so please, don’t be shy to ask – all the questions will be answered after the main presentations.

Save your spot today!

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