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Oro Paris MeetUp 2016 Review — How Was It?

December 13, 2016 | Oro Team

Oro Paris Meetup

We are thrilled to announce the success of our very first Oro MeetUp in France hosted by our exclusive French Gold Partner  Synolia supported by Akeneo, PayPal, and Dotmailer!

This event was held in Paris on December, 6, 2016, to highlight haute couture solutions for the B2B eCommerce and CRM markets and bring together more than 100 market players including local and international peers, partners, customers, and prospects.

Oro Team is very pleased to receive positive feedback and we are very grateful to the audience for lots of interest and conversation around both OroCRM and OroCommerce.

The following is our Oro Paris MeetUp 2016 review!

Yoav Kutner on Oro’s Vision

The event was opened with the presentation by Yoav Kutner,  the founder and CEO at Oro Inc., where he introduced Oro products revolutionizing the customer experience and dramatically improving business performance. Specifically, Yoav elaborated on Oro’s key strategies that aim at helping businesses become flexible, scalable, obtain a 360 degree holistic view of their customer bases, effectively collect, segment, and process information from multiple channels.

The presentation also showcased the rate of  Oro’s products global adoption and introduced business  applications built with OroPlatform.

April Moto on Maintaining Relationship with Multichannel Customers

Following Yoav, Arnaud Touzeau and Julien Heroux from April Moto, the vehicle insurance company with more than 20 000 customers and about 9,000 quotes per week, shared how the company successfully implemented OroCRM to resolve the issue of properly managing relations with multichannel clients, increase conversion rate, get an in-depth insight into the customer base, and streamline business activity.
Check their complete presentation deck using this link.

Synolia on Development Acceleration in Europe

Stephane Calimodio, co-founder at Oro’s Golden Partner Synolia, presented another use case demonstrating how OroCRM helped increase productivity and improve business performance. La Compagnie des Vacances, the leading French tour operator active in both B2B and B2C sectors with 500,000 customers portfolio, was looking for a flexible and integrable CRM product to  fuel up market penetration in Europe, reform operations within the B2B space, manage leads and opportunities, shorten sales cycle, and easily track sales pipeline. We are happy to learn our application has exceeded the company’s expectations.

Akeneo on the Future of B2B eCommerce

B2B sector goes through active digital transformation and the next wave of industry evolvement rushes to the shore, reminds us Frederic de Gombert, the Co-Founder and CEO at Akeneo. The Akeneo experts forecast that by 2019, manufacturers and wholesalers will need eCommerce systems even more than retailers. Frederic de Gombert discussed the challenges B2B eCommerce faces today and an important role the product data play in the digital revolution.
Here you can view the slides from Akeneo presentation.

PayPal on Powerful Partnership Driving Global Scale

Federico Zambelli Hosmer, the Director and Head of SMB Western Europe at  PayPal, talked about the changes within the payment landscape and how to leverage them using a smart and trusted solution tailored for B2B segment.
Please feel free to download the presentation by PayPal using this link.

dotmailer on Increasing ROI with Automated Email Campaigns

In the final session, Simon Brid at dotmailer emphasized how business can improve execution strategy for email campaigns and shared the guiding principles to increase company’s ROI with the help of email marketing automation.
Check the presentation for more details.

Before we wrap up this Oro Paris MeetUp 2016 review, the whole Oro Team wants to thank all of our guests, partners, sponsors, and keynote speakers for taking part in this insightful Oro French MeetUp. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the  future events we’ll be announcing soon! Stay tuned for more info.

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