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OroAcademy, Oro’s eLearning Portal Is Now Live

April 8, 2021 | Oro Team

We are proud to take another significant step in making Oro’s educational material more accessible, engaging, and useful. That’s why we designed a brand-new sub-site to offer you a higher level of advice, guidance, and support to gain maximum value from our products.

What Is OroAcademy?

The OroAcademy portal is a single place for all Oro resources ranging from thematic courses, technical training sessions, and video tutorials. It’s a one-stop resource for marketers, eCommerce managers, developers, and other professionals looking to learn more about Oro’s products, their capabilities, and development potential.

OroAcademy portal

  • Our courses range from beginner to in-depth and introduce you to the most important B2B eCommerce topics, allowing you to test your knowledge as you go. 
  • Our pre-recorded technical training sessions introduce you to Oro’s architecture, products, and development principles to grow your application development skillset. 
  • You can also browse our library of video tutorials offering how-tos and exploring different features to better understand our products. Best of all, it’s all available for free, so all you have to do is register.

Who Is OroAcademy for?

At Oro, we believe in helping our ecosystem every chance we get. We keep in close contact with our clients to build solutions that meet and exceed their needs. We also appreciate our developers and empower them to make the most out of Oro products.

Now more than ever, businesses require digital transformation. We want to make sure that everyone from our technology partners to integration providers to customers has front-row seats to a variety of training options.

OroAcademy makes it easier for our partners, developers, and customers to locate training materials in their desired format. Everyone from marketing, product, sales, and IT teams can take advantage of these easy-to-follow resources to better leverage Oro’s capabilities for their respective use cases.

Self-Learning Courses

Our brand new course catalog launches with six in-depth courses on a particular topic, complete with real-world examples and tests at the end. Keep in mind that this section will continue to grow and evolve. You can stay in touch with us for future course announcements and learning opportunities. Current courses include:

  • Fundamental OroCommerce

Gain an introduction to OroCommerce, its key terms, the initial setup process, and overall functions. This course features many practical examples and the opportunity to configure essential components in the storefront and back-office. In the end, you can configure a function, expand on what was learned in the lesson, and evaluate yourself with a quiz. This course is non-technical and is suitable as an introductory course for those with no prior knowledge of OroCommerce.

  • Product Management

Here, we bring together everything you need to know about managing products in OroCommerce. You’ll learn how to create a master catalog, configure product restrictions and visibilities. We’ll also explore configuration options relating to product displays, inventory, price lists, price rules, and fallback catalogs. This course features live examples to illustrate many of these concepts.

  • Content Management

In this course, we’ll talk about compiling content for your OroCommerce storefront. We begin by going over some basic web catalog settings, the WYSIWYG editor, and how to work with content blocks. The course then leads to widgets, creating landing pages, storefront menus, and some SEO recommendations. It ends with a quiz to test your knowledge gained during the course.

  • Sales Management

We start by setting up a sales team and going over how it interacts with various CRM functions such as leads, opportunities, and locales. Then, we’ll switch over to eCommerce, covering the basics of pricing, including lists and tiers. We’ll look at payment and checkout options and how to use workflows to reach a particular objective. We’ll also touch upon building reports based on order, sales, and customer data. The course concludes with a quiz on the material presented.

  • Customer Management

This course deals with everything related to users: customers, customer users, customer groups, contacts, and the differences between them. We’ll discuss how OroCommerce manages these entities, and how it gathers and utilizes user information. Lastly, we’ll review various customer hierarchies, permissions, and working with guest users. We’ll also host a quiz at the end.

  • Promotions, Discussions, and Coupons

The course on promotions, discussions, and coupons explains key concepts behind designing loyalty programs in OroCommerce. We’ll go over how to create various promotions for eligible customers and how they impact the total price, shipping costs, and more. Then, we’ll talk about personalized coupons and how sales staff and customers can apply discounts to orders.

Technical Training Sessions

OroAcademy’s instructor-led training sessions are primarily designed for freelance or in-house eCommerce developers, technical executives, digital directors, technology partners, and solution integrators. 

Topics are divided into Oro Fundamentals that break down Oro’s architecture, environment, and concepts related to product development, and OroCommerce Training topics that deal with storefront, product, and pricing elements.

These are technical sessions lasting between one and three hours. Participants will learn about working within Oro’s environment to reach customer objectives. They’ll also learn how to use OroCommerce components such as the product engine, transaction management system, payment system, tax rules, and more.

Video Tutorials Library

The video library offers everything from short introductory getting started videos to comprehensive how-tos for specific tasks. 

These range from short two-minute videos to 15-minute tutorials covering a particular topic in detail. You’ll find clips on setting up the storefront, configuring product visibility, request for quotes (RFQs), access permissions, promotions, payment shipping, tax rules, and many other topics.

Start Learning with OroAcademy

Start your learning journey with the biggest name in B2B eCommerce. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you can go deeper into more advanced topics, functions, and customizations. From novice to expert, OroAcademy equips you with the necessary understanding, knowledge, and expertise to create solutions that meet your exact business needs.

Sign up for free and uncover your path to success with OroAcademy today.

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