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OroCommerce 3.0 Release Candidate Is Available

June 4, 2018 | Oro Team

Following the upgrade to Symfony 3.4 and our recent OroCommerce 3.0 BETA release, we’re excited to inform the Community that the next version of OroCommerce is out. OroCommerce RC 3.0 (release candidate) is available and can be used immediately.

The major highlight of OroCommerce 3.0 RC is the completed transition to a newer version of Symfony, the high-performance PHP framework for all of our applications. To learn why this upgrade is important and why OroCommerce versioning has been changed, read this post.

You can download the latest OroCommerce 3.0 RC versions at the following links:

Please mind that OroCommerce 3.0 RC is a minor release. It means that unlike our regular stable LTS releases, we will neither support nor introduce bug fixes to it. However, our next stable LTS 3.0 release will be out as early as this July and will be supported and maintained as usual.

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