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OroCommerce Aces Independent Coding Audit

February 23, 2022 | Oro Team

At Oro, we live and breathe secure, flexible, and sustainable code that ensures a solid foundation for our customers’ digital growth. And we’re proud when our efforts of maintaining code quality are recognized.

SensioLabs carried out an independent coding and infrastructure audit of our B2B eCommerce solution, OroCommerce, and we passed with flying colors.  

As open-source pioneers who created the Symfony framework, SensioLabs is a leader in web development and a trusted voice in technology. They evaluate the quality of Symfony-based applications, identify if they’re secure and robust in the long term, and provide recommendations for improvement. The audit helps answer the following questions:

  • What is the true quality of the application?
  • Will it evolve and improve in the long term?
  • Is it secure against cyber threats of tomorrow?
  • Will it support the expected load and activity spikes?

Upon auditing the OroCommerce codebase and CMSBundle, SensioLabs found “hardly any” areas for improvement. The team was impressed with code and infrastructure reliability, maintainability, security, and performance. They also praised our commitment to using quality control tools and providing full technical documentation that covers development, testing, and release processes.

We rarely see code of such high quality when doing our audits. Oro customers can rest assured that they are using code that complies with industry best practices and that is as robust and dependable as possible.
Ludovic Duval General Manager at SensioLabs

OroCommerce is one of the key open-source projects within the Symfony ecosystem. Our commitment to open source and industry best practices drives OroCommerce’s excellence, delivering sustainable, flexible, and stable tools our customers need for B2B eCommerce to thrive. 

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