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OroCommerce Adds Vesta to Technology Partner Network

January 7, 2020 | Oro Team

OroCommerce is proud to announce our latest partnership with Vesta, an established SaaS platform with over 800 manufacturers and distributors to quickly and simply share product data with their customers. 

Vesta helps B2B businesses automate the processes associated with collecting, cleaning and distributing product data. They centralize data from multiple sources into a single source for easier data management. Vesta is known for improving data quality through custom transformation and validation. They also allow for the creation of multiple file formats to give additional flexibility to customers of all use cases with no manual rework needed.

Vesta enables customers to keep all of their product data assets, such as images, descriptions, measurements and pricing in one central, cloud-based location. They improve data quality through data transformations based on custom rules to create complete, compelling product content. With Vesta, customers can increase the number of products listed on their website and across marketplaces, improve search and sales conversion, and increase customer engagement.

At Oro, we believe that our partnership with Vesta will allow our customers to streamline their processes by synchronizing product data across across multiple locations with a single source of truth. Customers will be able to enrich and validate their product data to create high quality content and transform it into the right formats to easily sync to their online store, customers or marketplace listings. 

“At Vesta we have seen increasing pressure applied to B2B businesses to offer a similar, if not better, eCommerce experience than their B2C counterparts. Combining the power of Vesta and OroCommerce will allow manufacturers and distributors to centralize clean and consistent product data and easily handle the complexities that come with B2B commerce. We look forward to offering this joint solution to new and existing customers.” Charles Nicolson, CEO & Founder at Vesta

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