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OroCommerce Announces Customer Wins in Key Global Markets

April 27, 2017 | Oro Team

Since the official 1.0 launch of OroCommerce earlier this year in January, the application has already seen huge success in global adoption. Businesses of all types from around the world are starting to see the impact B2B eCommerce can have for their business. With customers in US, France, Germany, Uruguay, along with other countries, OroCommerce is already gaining global recognition just a few months after its initial release.

Recently, we’ve expanded our customer base to include new enterprise clients in various markets including manufacturing, fashion, and omnichannel retail. Read below to learn more about our most recent client acquisitions.

Arc International

With its five major brands and an extensive international reach, Arc International is one of the largest producers of crystal and glassware in the world. The company has more than 10,000 employees and generates over a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Grégory Tocut, CTO of Digital at Arc International explained why they have opted for OroCommerce:

“We evaluated other solutions like Magento and Hybris but selected OroCommerce because of its great flexibility, comprehensive out-of-the-box B2B feature set, the strong technology stack, and the team behind it. Moreover, its unique deep integration with OroCRM will help us understand the customer at the center of our B2B eCommerce strategy.”

Samuel Hubbard

Founded in 1930 in the USA as a small children’s shoes factory, Samuel Hubbard grew into a recognized high-end shoemaker that crafts versatile and sleek shoes for adults and kids. This manufacturer never compromises on quality, using only the finest materials from around the world.

Bruce Katz, CEO and Founder of Samuel Hubbard:

“The robust functionality and highly customizable OroCommerce platform will be a great fit for our company’s B2B needs.”


Based in Uruguay, Aldo is a leading South American distributor of office supplies. Aldo strives to be a top class company focusing on the efficiency of their processes and professional management. Aldo firmly believes that to satisfy the needs of the clients adoption of a modern and robust B2B eCommerce platform is essential.

Bernardo Wysokikamien, Director at Aldo:

“B2B eCommerce is one of Aldo’s key strategies for success. We evaluated various solutions and agencies to help us successfully execute on our strategy and vision. After a careful evaluation, it was very clear to us that OroCommerce is the best B2B eCommerce solution…”

Haneu Katalog GmbH

Founded in 1968 and now almost 20 years selling online, Haneu is a German internal transport, storage, and warehouse technology company. With a product catalog offering over 15,000 items and counting Haneu is also well-known and active across Austrian and Dutch markets.

Tim Hahnenfurth, Founder & CEO HANEU Katalog GmbH:

“We evaluated Magento 2, Shopware and OroCommerce Enterprise versions for our B2B specific needs. OroCommerce came out as the clear winner. We saw that OroCommerce is the platform that will fit our current and future need and will help our business grow.”

At Oro, we’re proud to recognize the diversity of our customers as it really showcases the flexibility of our platform. With support for all types of customers including pure online merchants and omni-channel businesses, OroCommerce is ready to address any geographic location, industry, or business model.

“We are pleased to see that our B2B eCommerce platform has been quickly welcomed by retailers and manufacturers around the globe,” stated Yoav Kutner, co-founder and CEO at Oro Inc. “Our vision was to create the most comprehensive, out-of-the-box B2B eCommerce solution to make it as easy as possible to tailor our system to fit each business’s unique needs.”

Would you like to learn more about OroCommerce’s functionality and see how it can address the needs of your particular B2B eCommerce business? Get in touch with us for further details.

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