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OroCommerce Announces its Solutions and Technology Partners

March 22, 2016 | Oro Team

As we continue to reach exciting milestones in the development of OroCommerce, we also have been busy building key partnerships. These companies make up the core of our global ecosystem — they deliver solutions to the United States and France, South America, Europe, Mexico, and more — and represent a diverse range of e-Commerce-focused technologies and services responsible for the success of a many global e-Commerce brands. What they have in common is they have each recognized the opportunities available in B2B e-Commerce, and see OroCommerce as a key partner in delivering to their customers.

oro core

Our OroCommerce Core Solution Partners are incredibly important to us since they have been with OroCommerce since the first Alpha release. They understand the B2B commerce landscape and omnichannel retail inside and out, and have been invaluable components to our remarkable progress. Their capabilities and expertise span across, complex B2B and B2C e-Commerce implementations, omni-channel solutions, global technology consulting, digital marketing and design. Their work has helped thousands of clients develop innovative and successful e-Commerce strategies according to the unique needs of their customers, and they stand ready to help OroCommerce customers.

oro tech

Equally important are our OroCommerce Technology Partners. These companies include major global players in the online payments tax and eCommerce PCI compliance, as well as those with expertise in supply-chain integration, ERP solutions, product information management and more.  They are coming together to make OroCommerce a comprehensive solution for the market.

Our partnership with them is driven by our commitment to build a robust and innovative ecosystem, and a best-in-class solution for our customers. We are proud to partner with these companies to reshape the B2B world and drive the B2B e-Commerce revolution!


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