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Developers' Digest

OroCommerce Documentation Now Available

January 31, 2017 | Oro Team

oroCommerce documentation

We’re excited to update our fabulous Community on the availability of the much requested technical documentation for OroCommerce 1.0.  To address every audience type using our unique B2B eCommerce platform, we’ve arranged the documentation into three stand-alone guides.

To access the guides, simply refer to the Documentation section available in the Community drop-down menu of our website. Depending on what information you’re looking for, read through our User, Developer, or Community Guides for any questions you may have. Remember you can always use the forum for any questions not covered in the guides.

Our User Guide goes through the system setup while explaining UI elements and product navigation. Users get clarification on how to perform B2B-specific routines and activities, such as configuring and managing inventory, creating accounts, managing customers, creating customized web catalogs and landing pages, configuring and calculating taxes and tax rates, and more.

The Developer Guide gives Oro developers more information on the OroPlatform architecture, possible customization and extension capabilities, and the configuration and setup options required for OroCommerce.

The Community Guide provides information for those eager to join the Oro Community. Best practices for how to contribute to OroCommerce’s source code, translation projects, or documentation improvements are found here. This guide also discusses how to report security issues, troubleshoot documentation or translation errors , and submit questions online.

We hope  our documentations prove useful for any questions that may arise.
We’ll make sure to keep our community informed of any improvements or add-ons to the documentation section as it changes.

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