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OroCommerce Enterprise and Community Edition

January 12, 2017 | Oro Team

We’ve recently announced that the long-awaited launch of OroCommerce 1.0 or General Availability release is on its way. Our B2B eCommerce business application will be immediately available as Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) versions. Both come out of the box with features specifically designed and built for B2B companies selling online and allow businesses to leverage B2B experience without compromising on B2C functionality. As we are about to release OroCommerce into General Availability, this post is meant to clearly communicate the differences between the two editions of our software.

The key differences between CE and EE is the application’s enhanced performance scalability, extended collection of features and support by Oro’s core team’s engineers. Thus, OroCommerce EE provides you with insurance that any question or issue you might have will receive immediate attention from one of our experts.

Let’s take a closer look at the additional capabilities within OroCommerce EE.

Superior Customer Support

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition is the only version that provides users with direct access to our friendly and knowledgeable staff of engineers. Customers are given more support during the on-boarding process to ensure smooth integrations and implementations. Furthermore, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives Enterprise customers quick resolutions to any issues that may arise from bug-fixes, how-to questions, and more.

Tech Stack (Increased Performance and Scalability)

Streamlined big data processing with PostgreSQL

Instead of using MySQL, the OroCommerce Enterprise Edition license holders can utilize PostgreSQL, an open source object-relational database system designed for high-volume environments, just like B2B webstores. Due to PostgreSQL, processing large amounts of system data of different types within OroCommerce EE is performed more efficiently and faster.

Streamlined big data search with ElasticSearch

The search functionality within both editions is similar, however, the EE users can take advantage of retrieving much faster and preciser search results due to the ElasticSearch, the search engine facilitating better performance, scalability, and a higher quality search results.

This feature delivers benefits for both business customers looking for items in the frontend and admins operating in the backend, actually for everyone working with huge volumes of system data. This functionality is highly scalable: it can easily handle 1+ million records with no lags in performance.

Handling large amounts of job queues

When system users work with applications that contain thousands and millions of records, a lot of operations and actual data updates happen in the background. The more application users you have, the more queues are being created. Should you have, say, 50,000 users working in the system at once, processing a big volume of job queues might be a challenge. To resolve this issue, OroCommerce EE is integrated with RabbitMQ, a message queueing processing server that allows to handle job queues independently for better system performance and increased responsiveness.

Business Features (Enhancements for B2B eCommerce Routines)

Multiple organizations support

OroCommerce Enterprise Edition allows to create and manage multiple organizations within one OroCommerce  instance. While there can be an infinite number of organizations within one instance, the same user may belong to several organizations. This feature comes in handy when you run several independent business entities where business users or entity employees should not access each other’s data. With the help of multiple organizations support, you can divide your inner organizations and provide data access according to the group the users belong to (except for the users assigned at the level of global organisation able to view the data across all organizations with no restrictions).

Multiple websites support

Your business may run multiple websites presenting different content, product selection, and pricing to target different geographies, groups of customers (e.g. sell to both B2B and B2C clients), or promote different brands. Flexible multi-website management capabilities within OroCommerce EE enable businesses to easily set up multiple independent websites and manage them directly from a single platform admin interface. When creating a new customer account from the admin interface, it’s possible to specify which of your websites this account will have access to.

Multiple currencies support

With OroCommerce EE, it’s possible to set up and display product prices in different currencies. Should your business have international reach, your global business customers will appreciate this option since they will be able to view the prices in their local currency as well.

Support for inventory management across multiple warehouses

Business typically have several warehouses located in different spots or even geographies. In OroCommerce EE, it’s possible to manage inventory across multiple warehouses from a single console and select different warehouses when specifying a location the goods should be shipped from once a customer places their order. This feature allows to precisely calculate shipping costs depending on a warehouse the purchased items are stored in. Alternatively, on your website, you can list the addresses of warehouses with the purchased products in stock upon ordering to facilitate customer pick-ups.

Learn more about selecting an enterprise eCommerce software in our guide.

OroCRM Solution and Support

OroCommerce EE is delivered in pair with OroCRM EE meaning you instantly obtain an exclusive multi-functional business application fully equipped for your B2B eCommerce operations and customer relationship management. On top of this, you get direct access to our application experts provided specifically for OroCRM Enterprise Edition users. Of course, you can still integrate the solution with an external CRM system, should you already have a good enough one in place.

The base license cost of OroCommerce depends on the size of your business and starts from $45,000 per year for 25 seats, which is several times lesser than our closest competitors’ annual license fee.

While OroCommerce CE with its essential capabilities is a good choice for small businesses that are establishing their online presence, larger organizations with international customers and multiple offices or companies seeking to expand and scale should opt for Enterprise Edition instead. OroCommerce EE is a full-featured solution designed specifically for the demands of multi-sized B2B eCommerce businesses. It introduces an enhanced performance scalability facilitating quick and precise processing of high volumes of system data, fast search, and a prompt handling of multiple user job queues. OroCommerce EE supports management of multiple organizations, websites, currencies, and warehouses to allow businesses to entirely focus on their activity and streamline their business processes.

Feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions, or play with our free demo instance to get hands-on experience with OroCommerce.

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