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OroCommerce in the Spotlight

January 25, 2017 | Oro Team

orocommerce in the spotlight

On January 18, 2017, we released OroCommerce 1.0 and B2B e-commerce will never be the same. The spotlight has been bright and we are so proud that OroCommerce is shining. During the first 24 hours of the OroCommerce launch, we’ve received over 100 leads and partnership requests!

Technology and business publications sat up and took notice too. We offer below a few noteworthy mentions of OroCommerce in the press.

Gaining Momentum in B2B Commerce

OroCommerce is different.  That’s because we built this open-source solution from the ground up to address the specific needs found in companies looking to address B2B e-commerce. We recognized that the needs of B2B e-commerce aren’t met by existing market solutions geared towards B2C transactions and relationships. Yoav Kutner, CEO of Oro, explained in a recent CMSWire article “B2C e-commerce is pretty simple. B2B e-commerce becomes very complicated, very fast.” He went on to explain “If you tried to modify B2C e-commerce software for B2B, it either cost too much, required an almost complete rewrite or it became so complex that users would refuse to use it”.  

Features like the ability to maintain multiple versions of pricing for each customer based on contract terms, forms that let customers quickly re-order items in bulk, seamless integration with OroCRM, and direct integration with MailChimp made OroCommerce the perfect fit for Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company.  Noah Wheeler, financial controller for the shoe manufacturer, shared with B2B E-Commerce World why they went with OroCommerce.  “We saw a demo of OroCommerce, and it wowed me with its out-of-box features and the ability to do a very granular amount of customization without new software development.”  Their plan is to provide their wholesale customers an e-commerce site as digitally rich as our B2C site.

Venture Beat notes that OroCommerce was designed toaddress the complexities of a wide range of B2B e-commerce operational needs, including managing corporate accounts and buyer-seller relationships with multiple organizations, customizing catalogs, managing price lists for different customer groups, and automating business workflows for multiple customers and channels. They also note that B2B businesses already represent an opportunity twice the size of consumer e-commerce, which in 2015 was $655 billion compared to $325 billion for B2C.  OroCommerce is perfectly poised to serve this growing market.

OroCommerce Gets International Recognition

Our dedication in producing open-source solutions to help entrepreneurs build their business has led to a strong community of software consultancies and digital agency partners, and they all share their enthusiasm for OroCommerce. This has created international interest in the product.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Berlin.  T3N, the German powerhouse publication, took notice of OroCommerce and our partnership with the local digital agency VOTUM in a recent article.  Kutner explained The German market has always had a strategic importance for our company and we have already had great success there, bringing OroCommerce to Germany was just natural.

The revolution is here!  Are you ready to discover how OroCommerce can transform your business?  Seeing is believing,  try our Free Demo or Contact Us today.

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