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Oro Launches the Marketplace for OroCommerce

June 13, 2017 | Oro Team

In response to new customer wins within key global markets and high OroCommerce adoption rates, Oro team promotes the growth of the ecosystem around our B2B eCommerce platform with the launch of OroCommerce Marketplace. We’re proud to announce today this next significant milestone in the evolution of the entire Oro products suite.

OroCommerce Marketplace in a Nutshell

We acknowledge the diversity of our customers as well as the singularity of their business needs. This made us design OroCommerce not only as the application with extensive B2B capabilities but also as a highly customizable and scalable system. The Marketplace goes by the same idea of fulfilling individual customer wishes and provides extensions to be downloaded according to each specific company’s preferences.

The OroCommerce Marketplace  features miscellaneous extensions, connectors, and third-party integration solutions users can pair with the application. The Marketplace is open to the add-ons by both certified partners and developers looking to extend on the functionality within OroCommerce.

OroCommerce Marketplace For Customers

The Marketplace currently offers the most sought-after B2B eCommerce apps required for business operational routines. With more contributions from Oro core team and, of course, our vibrant community, the OroCommerce Marketplace will soon be filled with a comprehensive collection of themed solutions addressing every possible area within digital commerce.

The offering already includes extensions for:

  • Processing different types of payments (InfinitePay, WireCard);
  • Shipment and delivery tracking (DPD);
  • Accounting and invoicing (QuickBooks);
  • Extending credit and connecting B2B buyers and sellers (Apruve);
  • Customer support, including ticketing and self-service options (Zendesk);
  • Email marketing activities and email marketing automation (MailChimp, dotmailer);
  • And more.

There’s no need in heavy investment in development and integration of 3-d party solutions with OroCommerce. Most well-known and widely used solutions are right at your fingertips on the Marketplace ready to meet individual business objectives of your B2B organization.

OroCommerce Marketplace For Contributing Developers

Any developer who’ve built an extension, connector, or an integration solution for OroCommerce can submit it to OroCommerce Marketplace. Once your app passes technical and business reviews by our team, it gets published on our site and can be instantly downloaded or purchased by OroCommerce users. As a contributing developer, you become a part of our emerging ecosystem and vibrant Oro community which immediately brings you a lot of benefits. First off, you’ll be delivering extensions for an open-source game-changing business application. You will also be able to show your expertise to the best advantage and enhance on your technical skills required to produce high-end solutions. Next, you’ll use the Marketplace at no cost to promote your own business and engage with the new consumers of your products or services.

Whether you’re a customer looking for an issue-solving and cost-effective OroCommerce extension, or an enthusiastic developer willing to share or sell solutions, our Marketplace is the right place to land.

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