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OroCommerce Partners with Amaze PXM

August 17, 2021 | Oro Team

Oro is pleased to announce a partnership with Blue Meteor Inc, a B2B SaaS company behind Amaze PXM; a PIM for eCommerce, DAM, and AI-powered eCommerce data syndication platform. We’re excited to add an innovative partner with deep B2B eCommerce expertise to the Oro ecosystem. 

B2B businesses require robust technology solutions to accommodate multiple levels of buyer-seller relationships with different decision-makers. They need powerful content management solutions to offer consistent, engaging experiences to their customers. We are excited that our partnership with Amaze PXM will bring even more benefits to B2B commerce companies looking to take their business to the next level.

With years of designing and delivering outstanding product experiences, Amaze PXM, combined with OroCommerce’s robust B2B eCommerce platform, will offer their customers enormous value. From streamlined operations for B2B business owners to unified customer experiences across their sales, marketing, and production departments, sellers can stay relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.

About Amaze PXM

Blue Meteor is a Chicago-based software company focused on developing innovative product experience software solutions. They bring two decades of in-depth experience helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers design, curate and structure optimal digital product catalogs, including building and authoring SKU data. 

This knowledge and expertise enables Blue Meteor to conceptualize, build, and innovate the Amaze PXM SaaS platform, which holistically resolves problems faced by businesses in the content and experience areas.

Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence-powered product data, digital asset, data syndication, and customer experience management solution powered by AI and machine learning. Amaze gives businesses end-to-end control of their product and digital assets, including product catalog creation, distribution, syndication, and omnichannel experience design.

One of the standout features of Amaze PXM is the AI and machine-powered smart-bot, Astro. It makes product catalog creation faster by leveraging over 900 million SKUs across industry verticals. To get the data to the right place, the platform integrates with technologies and distribution channels used by businesses of all sizes.

Most importantly, Amaze PXM is designed for B2B scenarios, from manufacturers, distributors, to warehouses. It helps them collaborate more effectively, enrich their product data, and streamline processes. When combined with OroCommerce’s eCommerce solution, it becomes a one-stop shop for brands, enabling best-in-class online product experiences that drive repeat purchases and boost revenues.

OroCommerce and Amaze PXM: Improving Product Experiences Together

OroCommerce and Amaze PXM both believe that every client’s product requirements are unique, demanding creative ideas and innovative solutions. Oro’s partnership with Blue Meteor means that Amaze can handle the PIM, DAM, and product experience side, while OroCommerce takes care of the front-end eCommerce experience.

Blue Meteor is excited to join hands with OroCommerce to provide a truly holistic solution to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. An integrated Amaze PXM with Oro’s B2B eCommerce platform will become a "one stop shop" for companies. This will simplify their digital transformation journey which is otherwise plagued by a plethora of disjointed software solutions stitched together by complex and error prone interfaces having multiple points of failure.

Taxonomists, product managers, merchandisers, and the marketing team can now all use one single solution to perform their tasks seamlessly and collaboratively. Business processes and workflows become seamless. Time to market decreases dramatically. Increased product data accuracy and searchability leads to more sales (higher conversion rate from browsing to purchase).

Patrik Chakraborty, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Meteor Inc.

Amaze PXM is dedicated to helping companies leverage their product content to sell more effectively and differentiate their business. It helps brands centralize data, collaborate effectively, streamline product-related processes, and offer product experiences that drive sales. By entrusting product and digital asset management to Amaze PXM, Oro ensures a unified, omnichannel experience for sellers and their customers. 

We are very selective at Oro about who we are adding to our partner ecosystem, as we want to make sure our partners share our values and have the same passion for facilitating digital transformation for mid-market manufacturers, distributors, and brands.

Blue Meteor and Amaze PXM share Oro's aspiration to enable people in B2B commerce with smoothly integrated experiences that will make them more efficient and focused on their growth rather than on making sense of their incomplete and disconnected data. We strongly believe that this partnership will benefit our customers and the whole B2B commerce community.

Motti Danino, Chief Operations Officer, Oro, Inc.

Oro, Inc and Amaze PXM look forward to improving digital product experiences for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and B2B brands. Our partnership will deliver even greater value to customers and enable them to grow revenue through unified, seamless end-to-end digital experiences.

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