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Oro’s Technology Partner – Marello ERP for Commerce – Announces Enterprise Release

December 6, 2017 | Oro Team

Today, our technology partner Marello ERP for Commerce announces the public launch of their Enterprise Edition, making available a full set of ERP functionalities designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike. We take special pride in the success of our partner, as Marello is built on top of OroPlatform, our open-source business application platform.

About Marello

Many manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers go through a daily struggle with their back-office processes. They face many obstacles as existing solutions often turn out to be less flexible and less future-proof than expected. Their existing software simply cannot keep up with new dynamics found in today’s commerce world.

To solve this problem, a new ERP was built with features specifically designed to meet these new commerce needs. Ideal for mid to large-size companies, Marello is optimized for omnichannel operations. As Marello is built on top of OroPlatform, its flexibility and scalability are unprecedented.The solution can grow with the business and easily adapt to new demands that may arise.

Marello Enterprise Edition drives revenue growth by giving businesses a better grip on their back-office processes.

Core Features for Commerce

Marello offers a comprehensive set of features including:

  • Order Management & Fulfilment. Create & receive orders from all sales channels and process payments.
  • Inventory Management. See a quick view of what’s in stock, balance stock across warehouses, and build shipment workflows.
  • Product Returns and Refunds. Manage returned items, refund customers and make returned items available for sales.
  • OmniChannel Capabilities. Allow companies to benefit from omnichannel retailing by establishing a clear-cut customer experience with a consistent information stream for all touchpoints.

Read more about the full set of features in the release notes on Marello’s website.

Live Demo Session

On the 14th of December at 4 PM CET, Marello will be hosting a live webinar to demo all the most powerful features of the product and address any questions that the community might have in real-time.

We encourage you to sign up for this webinar. Even if you can’t make it for the live session, registered users can get a recording of the webinar after the presentation. Knowing and working with the strong team behind Marello product, we can guarantee this demo will leave you inspired!

Partnership Opportunities

Marello offers a partnership program for System Integrators, eCommerce and interactive design agencies who may be interested in customizing Marello to fit their exact customer’s needs. This is a great opportunity for System Integrators already familiar with Oro products as the learning curve is going to be minimal. Feel free to contact the Marello team for further info.

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