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OroVibe Recap: Art of B2B eCommerce

June 21, 2017 | Oro Team

The very first edition of OroVibe recently launched in Paris by NBS System and Oro proved to be a ringing success. We would like to thank all of our partners, sponsors, and visitors for being a part of this astounding avant-garde eCommerce show. The one-day event turned out to be a fusion of business, art, leisure, and fun where guests experienced an exclusive event like never before.

Getting  ready for bright ideas at OroVibe. Source:

Let’s recap how the OroVibe event went.

The OroVibe loft was split into three conceptual areas where attendees could stroll around. There was enough space for dedicated OroVibe’s activities including team-building sessions and workshops; creative idea-sparkling studios with our partners; and

20-minute talk zones with domestic and international B2B eCommerce thought-leaders sharing their best practices and know-hows for accelerating business growth.

OroVibe Talks featured top speakers including the leadership team from Oro, NBS System, Synolia, Akeneo, Agence D’nD/, Quanta Computing, Wizaplace, Arc International, Aressy, and L’Agence Web.

Learning insights from Oro Team. Source:

Yoav Kutner talked about revolutionizing B2B eCommerce via open-source

Founder & CEO of Oro Inc. talked about why online presence for multichannel eCommerce B2B merchants is a must in today’s business. Yoav explained how using Oro’s flagship products allow for seamless digitization of business operations making processes more effective and employees more productive .

Philippe Humeau focused on the key factors of a B2B user experience

Founder of NBS System spoke about the vital role a smooth user experience plays in the eCommerce industry. He communicated the major distinctions between B2B and B2C eCommerce and referenced what business buyers consider a positive experience with a vendor they purchase from.

Edwin Deneuville presented a case study demonstrating how an Oro customer boosted European expansion with OroCRM

A Project Manager & sales engineer of our partner, Synolia, told how, a leading tourist accommodations operator in France, implemented OroCRM to manage their suppliers and B2B customers with more efficiency. With the help of OroCRM, the company successfully created a 360-degree view of their customers, segmented and analyzed client base, and grew their partner network.

Frédéric de Gombert discussed best practices for delivering an exceptional customer experience via an eCommerce platform

The CEO and Founder of Akeneo talked about how product information is fundamental in driving a great B2B commerce experience. He then discussed how Product Information Management (PIM) systems are designed for online businesses to refine product data. Once setup, PIM eCommerce systems are then able to connect to B2B eCommerce platforms and start selling products.

Sad but true: 94% of companies use Excel to manage their product data. Source:

Aymeric Aitamer talked about deploying and managing Oro’s applications in the cloud

CTO of Artifakt spoke on how their solution can be used to seamlessly deploy, drive and manage Oro’s rich open-source business applications (in either public or private clouds).

Guillaume Thibaux shared his vision on managing web performance for a streamlined  B2B experience

Co-Founder & CEO of Quanta Computing highlighted the importance of analyzing and monitoring website performance for B2B online vendors. By detecting website performance issues early, companies will be able to revise their existing web strategies to yield higher performance.

Eric Alessandri broke down benefits of creating a B2B marketplace

Founder & CEO of Wizaplace gave enough food for thought for those considering to launch a B2B marketplace. He drew a parallel to successful marketplaces in the B2C space and explained how to develop a B2B marketplace strategy with a flawless customer experience.

Grégory Tocut shared their success story on how Arc International resolved its issues with OroCommerce

The CTO of Arc International, one of the largest manufacturer of glassware in the world,  reflected on how OroCommerce addressed the challenges of their company. Grégory mentioned that they opted for OroCommerce due to its flexibility, array of out-of-the-box B2B features, and robust technology stack.

Jonathan Habert provided insights into actionable B2B SEO approach

Co-Founder & CEO of L’Agence Web highlighted core distinctions to be seen between B2C and B2B when it comes to Google’s search engine. Jonathan reflected on how these difference shouldn’t be ignored by B2B eCommerce site owners if they want to maximize site traffic acquisition and revenue. He also expanded on how to properly manage data for launching successful marketing campaigns.

SEO is the first channel for B2B acquisition. Source:

Laurent Ollivier revealed the emotions and business drivers required in the B2B space

Director of Aressy spoke to the audience about balancing emotions and rationality in order to remain productive in the hyper-competitive B2B space.

OroVibe’s playground of activities, creative studios, and expert talks proved you can get both business knowledge and entertainment from attending our OroVibe event.

Making valuable connections at the Oxygen bar. Source:

The first edition of OroVibe is over. If you weren’t able to make it, be sure to swing by the next time around. The B2B eCommerce revolution has begun. It’s time for you to join!


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